Wednesday, December 22, 2010

framed earrings holder

 Remember the Christmas card display I posted about last week?  Well I told you a little about these jewelry display frames that Pottery Barn also makes.  They make a couple different kinds but I really like the one designed for earrings. 

Pottery Barn Framed Jewelry Displays

Photos from Pottery Barn Website

Aren't they just to die for?  Ok maybe not to DIE for but I really, really like them....a LOT.  So for my version of this I picked up a frame from a garage sale a couple years ago.

Since our room decor is black I bought some black spray paint from walmart ($0.96) and painted it.  Let it dry and then added the strands of cord behind it, and VOILA!

I have me a Jewelry Display Frame that is perfect for our room!  And for only $2!!  The earrings holder from Pottery Barn was listed at $29 so I saved myself $27!  Not as great as $146 like I saved on the card holder but good enough for me! :)

I tried to pull the cord as tight as I could but it still sags....I think I'm just going to put a nail underneath each cord to hold it up and see if that helps?  Any ideas?  Other than that I love it!

So that's as far as my crafting is going to go for now......but eventually I want to try and make the frame for necklaces.

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