Monday, December 20, 2010

so far today....

...I have teared up as Lincoln was sobbing when Tyler left for work this morning.  It was so precious, I think Tyler was on the verge of a tear as well (shhh....don't tell him I told you that!)

...I have cuddled with Lincoln on the couch, huddled underneath a thick blanket, with the scent of Johnson's baby wash still lingering in his hair from his bath last night. I soaked in every single minute of those 7 minutes.

....I have tried to coax Lincoln into eating all of the banana for his breakfast (2 bites isn't enough for a breakfast!) and failed.

...I have rescued my son from the chip clip that magically got clamped onto his little finger (wonder who did that?) and after unclamping it I witness a little boy who was then upset that he couldn't keep playing with it.

...I have searched all over our apartment looking for the pink pick that I use in my hair everyday but for some reason that's the one thing Lincoln likes to play with while I get ready in the mornings and it's a daily event to go and try to find where he hid it the day before.

...I have tried and failed at deciphering what Lincoln is saying....he realized how dumb his mom is that that she needed a huge clue as to what he what did he do...went and pulled on the fridge door. hmmm maybe he should've finished that banana?

...I have broken up a "fight" between my son, the spiderman car and the Christmas tree....well at least Lincoln must've thought it was a fight because he was grunting in frustration somehow stuck between the car and the tree, not sure how that happened

...I almost caused Lincoln to fall backwards over said spiderman car while he was standing on it to reach things off of my shelf in the closet, when I tried to get his attention

...I also found, in above spiderman car under the seat that lifts up, a sippy cup from over a week ago with milk still in it!  I think Lincoln was trying to make his own cottage cheese or something....opening that sippy cup was SO GROSS....

...I have put my slightly crabby boy back to bed for a nap, maybe he will wake up and the world will be a little nicer to him....poor guy.

What am I going to do when we have 2, 3, 4 kids? I think my life is crazy now, just wait.
Oh and have I mentioned that I have the best job in the world?  I love it.  And now that it's 9am, lets start our day!


  1. So precious to capture those moments, they will not be there forever!! :'( Even though it is SO busy, I always LOVED it, but you just don't get much else done except caring for that toddler! :) Life does get crazier with more kids, but remember the big ones then begin helping and they actually do grow out of this stage...even though it feels like you will never get out of it now!!

    I LOVE that you wrote all of this down, what a precious time of his life!! :) I am excited to see what the rest of your day is like! ENJOY!!!!

  2. very cute!!!! i'm still at the stage where if i set mason down somewhere....he stays there :) life will get much more hectic when he starts moving all over the place :)

    love love LOVE this post :)