Saturday, December 4, 2010

let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Lincoln got the chance to watch the snow fall yesterday (12-3-10) from our bedroom window and then later got to go out and play in it!  It was perfect, really.  The snowflakes were huge, the was NO wind so it wasn't bitter cold and Lincoln had a blast.  I love the fact that so far I've noticed that it hasn't gotten very windy, so that's what happens when there are lots of trees around?!

Later that afternoon we had to make a run to Old Navy and Target to scoop up some boots and snow overalls so Lincoln will have some actual "snow attire."  This was such a wet snow that his pants and shoes were soaking wet when we came in....of course in all boy fashion the wet and cold didn't phase him at all!

While I was getting ready that morning, Lincoln was kept occupied watching the huge flakes fall to the ground.  It was beautiful.

Lincoln's first reaction when he stepped out from under the porch.

Walking out onto our how the snow looks in this one.

Starting to see how much fun it is to chase the snowflakes

Running up and down the walkway

pure. joy.

Beautiful berry tree (not sure what it's called) in front of our townhouse

Sticking his tongue out to try and catch some snowflakes

Trying to get up after falling many times!

Close up of the bush in front of our place

Sometimes it's easier to crawl than try to get up again after falling...

Don't worry our road in front of our place only gets traffic when us or our neighbors are coming or going and as you can tell by the next picture...

...he didn't get very far!

I was encouraged to start taking more pictures of myself with Lincoln by this lovely lady.  She does "embrace the camera thursdays" and I know this isn't a Thursday but I thought I'd start now and try to do this more often.  It's hard when there isn't someone else there to take the picture so we did our best...

Like I said, I tried my best but this one was WAY too close and needed to be in sepia to try and hide all the blemishes and red nose (my nose gets SO red when it's cold out) that my make up decided not to cover! :)

By this time, Lincoln was ready to go inside.  He had face planted one too many times :(

I'm excited for more snowy days to come!  Oh and have I mentioned lately that I'm enjoying this age for Lincoln a LOT?!  Boy, I am so lucky.


  1. the pictures of you and lincoln are precious! love the last one!


  2. too cute. We got snow in Chicago this weekend and my 17 month old son LOVED it. He even got to go sledding (on a small hill in our backyard).
    I have a cute hat giveaway on my blog from last wednesday that ends should stop by!