Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our year in numbers

Well 2010 has been a full year for us. We figured the best way to tell you about it was in numbers. So here is our year in numbers...

4 trips Lincoln and I took to the DC area to visit Tyler and stay with friends both in Maryland and Virginia
1,825 diapers we went through this year (approx. but probably more, I just guessimated 5 diaper changes a day depending on how many times the Linkster makes a little present for me.  Lately it's been more than 5 but that's probably information you could do without I'm sure!)
1 birthday party for a little guy who turned ONE on July 6th
6 toddler teeth that get brushed each night
0 times a day this mama can get work done in the kitchen without a little boy pulling at her pantlegs :)
16 hours between our new home and both Grandma's houses.
15 months is how old Lincoln was when he started walking
5 times a week Lincoln does his special dance for when daddy gets home, jumping up and down and laughing the whole time.
27 and 24 are the number of years Tyler and I turned this year (Tyler is officially in his “upper” twenties, hehe)
17months is how old our little boy is now!
5 year anniversary on December 30th
10 glasses broken during our move
5 months that Lincoln and I lived with my parents
1 cute ring bearer (Lincoln) walked down the aisle at Aunt Hope and Uncle Derek's Wedding June 12th
12,290 miles of travel both flying and driving
30 days we lived out of our suitcases in a guest suite while waiting for our townhouse to be available for us to move in.
11 pacifiers found behind the crib
6 different types of sippy cups we went through before we found “the one”
50 times a day my heart melts while I receive slobbery kisses, hugs, rock Lincoln before bed or when watching Lincoln enjoy reading books so much
365 days this year that we were thankful for the little guy God has blessed us with!

And that concludes another year in our household! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior. Merry Christmas!

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