Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 years ago...

...I married my best friend!!  I can hardly believe we're already at the 5 year mark!  These 5 years have flown by so fast.  Seems just like yesterday that we were in high school and met while counselors at CRC day camp, then got to know each other better on Travel Camp and the rest, well that's history.  I was a young 19 years old when I said "I do" and both of us were still in college but I wouldn't change a thing.  That first year of marriage we were truly "livin' on love" because we were so poor!  We were lucky enough to get to live in The Neill's basement apartment and have truly been blessed as we got to know them and became great friends.  It only seems fit that we get to stay in that same basement apartment this weekend when we visit them and all our friends in Wichita!  We get to relive the good ole days, only this time with a 1 1/2 year old!

So I asked Tyler if he would like to make his first "guest appearance" on the blog and write a post about our 5th Anniversary and he said he couldn't because it would be too much pressure to make a first appearance for that special of a post so instead I copied my friend Kendra's idea that she did for their 5th anniversary and asked him questions like she asked her husband, Rick, to see what he would say.   We'll see how he does being put on the spot:

M: How would you describe the last 5 years?
T: Stupendous! :)

M:Where do you see us 5 years from now after 10 years of marriage?
T: Well I reckon we'll be back in the Midwest, we'll have 3.4 children, since that's the national average.
M: I don't think that's the national average I think it's closer to 1.2
T: well....look it up....ok maybe you're right
M: (smiling)
T: The .4 could also be a cool dog like Kona and we'll be going on an anniversary trip to someplace warm and relaxing and you will probably get the majority say in where that'll be.

M:What's one of your favorite things about our five years together?
T: (He was distracted by a fight on tv)  Having someone to come home to and Lincoln's dance he does when I come home from work

M:What do you miss about our life together before we were parents?
M: to do what
T:or I guess more like flexibility with schedules etc.

M:What have you learned after being married to me for 5 whole years?
T: That you don't like scarasm and I hate hanging curtain rods (I have two ready to go for him to hang up in our bedroom, they've been sitting there for over a month now, I'm being good and not nagging him to do it :)

M: What do you remember about our wedding day?
T: Being in a daze, I don't really remember a whole lot except how beautiful you looked walking down the aisle...
M: awww

M:What do you remember about proposing?
T: Being nervous and excited
M: that's a pretty generic answer
T: Well actually I was tired from running up the stupid hill (said defensively) and you laughing instead of saying yes right away
M: What can I say, I was giddy :) and it didn't take long at all for me to say yes!

M: Are you sick of these questions?
T: No (said sarcastically)
M: Was that sarcastic?
T: No (said even more sarcastically)
M: You sure?
T: yeah :)

Here are some pictures from our wedding day....

We LOVE Deanna!  She owns Dream Designs in Aurora, NE where I got my dress, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, candle lighter dresses, veil, unity candle and holders, etc. and I was honored that she was able to attend our wedding and even when Hope had trouble bustling my dress before the reception, Deanna walked in just in time and we recruited her help!  She definitely goes above and beyond your normal bridal shop owner!

Some of our awesome friends from Wichita that drove the 4 hours to our wedding!  We were so blessed to have them all there!

Some of my awesome Volleyball team from Hastings College that were able to come to the wedding!  Miss you all!

Here is the slideshow of Tyler and I as we grew up and then us together while we were dating.  We played it at our wedding.....warning it's over 11 minutes long! :)  Brings back so many memories!


  1. Happy Anniversary! So glad you're here this weekend!!!

  2. love this marie. cheers to one of my favorite couples!! happy fifth and many many happy happy more!