Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in nebraska {part 1}

This year we had to travel quite a ways (the longest we've ever had to travel at least) to get back home for Christmas.  Because of Tyler's work schedule we had to travel on Christmas Eve.  I was pleasantly surprised that the airports were pretty calm.  Probably because most people were already with their families.  Anyway, we had no trouble and all our flights were on time! Yay!

We celebrated Christmas with my family a couple days after Christmas.  Our tradition after eating a soup supper is to get all bundled up and run outside around the house and the first one back gets to open the first present.  This year was the first year Lincoln got to participate (last year he was too little and it was FREEZING outside!) and he LOVED it.

Getting ready to run outside!  With Daddy's cap on :)

Grandma helping him out

He has no idea what we're doing but if it includes going outside, he's all for it!

All of us ready to run!

And then this is the reaction we got when we all came back inside after running!

 I think there's another present under there....let me get it!

My beautiful momma and her fun stockings this year!

Aunt Hope helping Lincoln

This one makes me laugh.

My beautiful sis and I

Derek (my BIL), Hope, Trey, Me, Lincoln and Tyler

Our little family

Grandma and Grandpa with Lincoln

....and last but not least my silly hubby rockin' the snuggie :)

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  1. love all these pics! the one of the 3 of you is SO good! definitely frame-worthy!