Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pablo candy-finger.....a little boy with a BIG heart

Pablo Candy-Finger is the name of the cards that Calvin makes.  Calvin has been patiently waiting for his new brother or sister for over 3 years now and in the meantime has developed such a sincere heart for orphans.  His mommy and daddy are dear friends of ours who have been in the adoption process now for a VERY long time.  They have been waiting for a little boy or girl from Kyrgyzstan.  Calvin loves to draw and decided to make cards to sell to raise money to help orphans.  He has used some of the money to buy food for orphans (almost 400 meals!), plane tickets for his brother/sister to come home and now for some orphans in Kyrgyzstan to have a nice Christmas.  Now if that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will! 

Just this last weekend he did his first craft show with his mom (who makes and sells bows for little girls and all the proceeds go towards orphans as well). Here are some pictures from that craft show....

The sign he made for his table

Little magnets (suggestion $2/item)  He's pretty good, huh?

The handsome boy behind all this work for the orphans

And his famous cards!  This is only a couple of them there are more at his mom's blog. Click HERE
Suggested $2/item.
SOOO if you would like to help a little boy, help orphans by buying some (or ALL!) of his cards or magnets you can go to the Neill's blog:
and order from there.  She has more pictures from the show and an explanation of why it's called "Pablo Candy-Finger Cards."  I'm guessing you've been wondering that the whole time!  :)

If you would like to read up on their adoption process you can read more here:

or if you would like to purchase bows to help orphans, here is Kendra's website for Sugarplum Boutique:

There are SO many ways this Christmas that we can buy gifts that give twice.  I challenge all of you out there to check into buying gifts that all or some of the proceeds go towards things like adoption, orphan care, or a charity out there.  Try it out, I dare ya! :) 

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