Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's {embrace} the camera day again!

Today's embrace the camera pictures are from our family Christmas a couple weeks ago with my parents and siblings.  We're back home again and I'm already missing them.  It was such a sweet time to get to be altogether.  Not sure my parents have thought about it yet but if my brother ends up going to school in Nashville, like he wants, all three of their kids will be living out of state in three separate states.  :(

My beautiful sis and I over Christmas.  I love this girl and really wish we lived closer to each other!  Can't wait to see you guys in February!!!

Helping the Lincman open one of his gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

I don't feel short very often (see the picture with my sister above, love you Hope!) but standing next to my brother REALLY makes me feel short! Wow. We forgot to take a picture of all of us together so we got Lincoln up out of bed (bad mom, I know) to take the picture.  That's why he looks like he's out of it!

Want to embrace the camera with me?  Click on the button below and head on over to "the anderson crew" to see what it's all about!


  1. Love his jammies! Cute pictures!

  2. Great photos! Between my tall husband, tall dad, and tall "little" brother, I always feel short even at 5'-7".

  3. You two are beautiful! Your making me miss my sister though :(

  4. ahh, this makes me miss my family! i wasn't able to see them over christmas, sniff. you're family is beautiful.

  5. very cute pictures!!! glad you enjoyed coming home for the holidays :) lincoln gets cuter and cuter every time i see pictures of him!

    ps your photography is getting good!!! i need to learn how to use mine now :)