Friday, January 21, 2011

my list of books for this year

So in my post 2011 Goals, I said that one of my goals for the year was to read at least one book a month.  I promised to have a list of the books that I was going to read and so here it is!  I wanted to have my full list done before I posted it, just because.  I'm so excited about my reading list and wish I could read faster and get to each book sooner than only one each month.  I will read more if there is time left over each month but I'm trying to be realistic with my timing and not too overambitious!

I'm about 3/4 of the way through this book and am really loving it!  I knew I would because I just love Karen Kingsbury's writing.  I think all together I've probably read at least 20 of her books.  This book is the first of a series of 4 books so of course I had to incorporate them into my year of reading! :)  Looks like I'll probably get to curl up and finish this book tonight since Tyler "HAS" to go to the Cavaliers game tonight.  Man, he sure has it rough! I'm so jealous!


I put two for the month of February (even though it's a short month!) because I'll probably pick up Take 2 next week and get a head start on it!




My friend Julie recommended this book and from what's she's said it sounds like a must read!

Like I said earlier, I LOVE Karen Kingsbury books :)

I've already started reading this one but I want to start over and reread it again, it's so good!


I saw this series of books recommended on a blog and thought I'd check it out and give them a shot. 



So that's my list for 2011.  Hopefully I'll stick to it.  Well I guess I have to now that I've posted it on here....I'm sure you all will have no problem keeping me accountable.  :) If you have any other good book recommendations, leave a comment, I'm willing to take them! 


  1. I highly recommend your May selection, "From Ashes to Africa." It's cool to see the book written from the perspective of both the husband and the wife, especially since they have such different personalities. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it. :)

    (*I should note that Chris and I knew Amy in college, so it was especially interesting to us).

  2. looks like you have a good selection!!!!......i *may* have to steal a couple of your choices and START reading!!! :) it's something i need to get back to doing!!!!!! thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Beware of Terri Blackstock books... they are SUPER suspenseful and addicting! :) I love her writing... but also couldn't read them at night. I'm such a baby. happy reading!

  4. I highly suggest Francine Rivers' two latest books, Marta's Legacy series. I just finished them, and they are so good!

    Glad to see these! You'll love From Ashes to Africa! It will only take you a couple of days--if that!

  5. I think one of my all time favorite Karen Kingsbury books is Divine. :) You should read Created to be His Help Meet if you have time!