Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year's Eve {better late than never, right?}

We spent the weekend of New Year's Eve back in Wichita with some GREAT friends!  It was so fun getting to drive down there again and see so many of our friends.  We got to reminisce about our first couple years as poor newly weds by staying in the same basement apartment as we lived in back then.  Our friends Rick and Kendra have decided to stop renting out their apartment and use the space themselves so we got to be their first "guests!"  :)  It sure brought back lots of fun memories and oh to only have to pay $250/month for rent again would be Uh-mazing!  We are so thankful we were able to live with The Neill's and get to know them so well.  I'm pretty sure Kendra is the main reason that I have a huge heart for orphans now because of her sharing so much of their journey with me way back when and even still today.  We love you guys!!

It didn't take long before Tyler was roughing around with Calvin and Fallyn...

Think I should take them outside? "NOOOO!" is what we heard coming from inside the blankets :)

Taking a break from playing and just hanging out with the kiddos

Hmmm so far this post seems to be all about Tyler and the kids :)  Here he is holding Cameron for the first time.  Cameron was born back in July to our sweet friends Daniel and Ashley but since Tyler wasn't around then, he never got to meet this little guy

They were so cute playing together

Our good friend, Justin is in the Air Force and got Lincoln a sweet Air Force Sweatshirt!

Lincoln had a blast pushing Fallyn around in this cart

Haning out New Year's Eve with "the gang."  Man we've missed all you guys!

Justing and Lesley while we were playing "Things"

Lesley is modeling Kendra's awesome clip on earring! :)


Daniel and Cameron

Calvin joined in on the fun during the games

I loved holding this little guy!  He's so stinkin' adorable!

The girls (minus Sasha and Lydia who couldn't come that night)

Justin and Tyler catching their breath after a wrestling match, of course.  Whenever those two get together there is always some sort of wrestling match involved

We miss these guys a lot!

Lincoln got to play with Brooklyn and Isabelle at Chad's grad. party

All the kiddos (even though none of them are looking, this is the best picture I got!)

Noah had fun putting the ring on Cameon's head :)

We played this game, it's a lot like Sorry.  I was horrible but it's was lots of fun....I can't remember what it was called....dog? hmmm

They are all concentrating so hard!

Thanks for all the fun memories, friends!!

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