Monday, February 21, 2011

we have a jumper!

Lincoln's new thing has been to climb up on things and jump off.  I know, I know you're thinking, "holy cow, dangerous!" but don't worry I'm not letting him climb up on chairs or the couch or anything and jump off.  He's been climbing on daddy, while daddy's laying down and jumping off of Tyler's chest and jumping off of his spiderman car.  He's getting pretty good!  Here are a couple videos :)

Lincoln had so much energy this night.  He was seriously bouncing off the walls! I promise I don't feed my child tons of sugar so I'm not sure what his deal was that night, but it sure was funny!

Lincoln got to play with his friend Lucas the other night.  They had lots of fun together and Lincoln spent a good 10 minutes or so jumping off his spiderman car and laughing hysterically!
I taped this in the middle of our "Farkle" game so that's the noise you hear in the background and yes I know my living room is ALL brown.  I need to add some more color :)

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  1. haha, crazy little dude! the kids are giggling at these videos. . . and fallyn is still so excited that Lincoln can talk on the phone! so cute...i heard him babbling through the phone. :)