Friday, February 18, 2011

yarn wreath and a little random thrown in

hey everybody, happy friday!!
any weekend plans for ya'll?
I'm hoping to use my Lowe's gift card
and get my supplies for my dining room table redo
and to redo a bookshelf so it matches our living room for right now.  
yay! for diy projects!
speaking of.....I finally got around to making my first yarn wreath!
I loved this mustard yellow one from Take Heart, go check out her blog, it's great!
welcome back, well at least I hope you came back after checking out her blog, 
it's easy to get distracted and jump from blog to blog, I understand.
so here's how mine turned out:

I Lurrrve it! :)
 now before I get too carried away, here is what you need to make it:
1 scane of yarn (I bought 2 cause I couldn't remember how much she said you needed)
red felt
ivory felt
wreath (it was recommended to leave it wrapped, so I did)
and scissors!
It was harder to get this baby wrapped in yarn than I thought it would be....I sat down and got the whole thing done while watching Modern Family and Minute to Win it the other night :)
the next day during Linc man's nap I made the felt flowers.  
these are SO fun to make and SO easy!  just cut out a circle, cut waves around the edges,
and then cut it in a spiral like I'm showing in the picture below.  
once the spiral is all cut, just start rolling it all the way up!  easy peasy.

hot glue 'em together and then on to the wreath and there ya go!  
I'm too worried about it getting ruined on the outside of our door so it's hanging 
inside of our door to the garage.  I love how it turned out! 

it's funny with all these crafts I've started doing, I occasionally ask Tyler how he thinks
it's looking as I go along and he's given me some great feedback, surprisingly enough!
after I was done with this wreath I asked him how he liked it and he looked at it for 
awhile, and he thinks it's too plain :)  thanks for your honesty honey but I like it that way.


today it's beautiful out so Lincoln and I went outside to play with his sensory tub.
I was gonna do shredded paper but since we were going outside,
I figured I'd be a little more environmentally friendly  and stick with oatmeal.
he had a blast and cried a LOT when we had to come inside for nap.

he kept running around and handing me his tools through the openings between the bars

oh my. those lashes.

a man's always got to have his drill with him while he's out and about, 
never know when you'll have to use it!


I decided to use some of my birthday mula to buy this outfit today.  I saw it at american eagle when we were shopping last weekend, I'm a cheapo and didn't want to spend the money so I resisted.But I can't stop thinking about it, I'm weird like that. So today, wouldn't ya know they are having a sale (actually all weekend, yay for president's day sales!) AND free shipping.  I was sold. because remember I'm a cheapo and I love a great deal. happy birthday to me :)  I didn't get my date night with my hubby for my birthday, but at least the next time we get to go out, I'll look cute in this!

and don'tcha think this necklace would go great with it?  I think so to.
that's why I'm going to make my own.
Click HERE to see the tutorial for the necklace

oh and I really want to get a sewing machine.
just a basic one and I don't want to spend much
remember I'm a cheapo? :)
any suggestions from all you crafters out there?


on one more random note:
I'm super excited to see what God has in store for our family. 
I just love how He puts just the right people in your life at just the right time.
how he orchestrates things just blows my mind.
he's doing a number on my heart right now.
ok so nothing in those last sentences flowed but that fits with the random theme right?  
well my little napper is up and ready to head back outside to play or go for a walk.
too bad the playground is all muddy :(
have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the new wreath! (I have that one bookmarked too . . . weird how we pick the same ones?!)

    And that dress will look amazing on you. I love it and am so glad you got a deal on it.

    Can't wait to see how the necklace turns out!

  2. i want a sewing machine too! not too fancy, it just needs to do what i'm capable of doing(not much!)....

    love your wreath!

    our weekend plans?.....laying tile down in our whole kitchen on our about a diy project :) eeeeekkkkk!!!!