Monday, March 28, 2011


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"Dup-dee" is the best we could get out of Lincoln in trying to say Aunt Kelsey's name.  Pretty close huh?  Dup-dee is so much cooler than Kelsey right? Ha, just kidding Kelsey.  I'm sure she loved the new nickname!

Kelsey came to see us over her spring break last week and we felt so bad that Lincoln was sick while she was here.  We were able to get out and do a couple things over the weekend but for the most part we stayed put and just hung out at home.  We decided to keep all the REALLY fun things until her next visit - that way she'll come visit us again soon! :) 

We checked out the Lake Erie Science Center

On our way back to the car, Lincoln just HAD to walk on all those parking stopper thingy's (I have no idea what they are called) I'm pretty sure there were over 15 of them, or at least it seemed like it,
it took him a long time! 

We journeyed down to the beach.....took a picture of downtown....look really close I promise it's there!

CanNOT wait to come down here this summer and play on the beach all day!!

We took her to get some GREAT Bar-B-Que.  
Bubba's Q was started by a former NFL player.  It was yummo.

Tyler and his awesome sister.....can you tell they're related? :)

me and my little man enjoying some bar-b-que
[well Lincoln's just enjoying his milk, what else is new?]

Kelsey, next time you come visit us, I promise we'll be more exciting!  As long as we don't have a sick boy again! 

Now for all of you who have NOT come to visit us, I promise I'm not bitter...hehe, look at how much fun we can have!  This city is the BEST destination if you want a vacation (for those of you who actually know where we live you can insert a laugh or two after that comment!)  But really, we'll show you around and we promise to make it a fun trip for ya! If nothing else we'll play Farkle and go to the beach, how's that sound?

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  1. what a beautiful beach!! little man is getting so big!!