Friday, March 4, 2011

first of many....

...forts, that is.  Remember how I said back in this post how I could foresee a box fort being made from the big boxes that my sewing machine came in?  Well I sure called that one!  Tyler was all about making a fort and spent last Saturday making it and playing in it with Lincoln.  I love how he added a little "educational" touch by making triangle, rectangle and square windows :)  Not sure if that was being he was trying to make it look cool or actually because he wanted to point out the different shapes.  I'll have to ask him about that. 

Peering out of his "triangle window"

One view of the awesome fort

and another view with the door

I love, love, love this picture....even though at first, to me, it looks like he kinda has a lazy eye...if he actually does (I've never noticed it before) you can thank you daddy for that one, kiddo.  If you've ever spent much time around Tyler, you'll notice he has a lazy eye every so often....kinda looks freaky if you don't know about it though!  If it happens while I'm looking at him I just stop telling him whatever I was talking about, say "your eye is weird," he fixes it and we go on.....

He actually said, "cheese!" for this picture......can you tell?

Daddy laid the fort on it's side and Lincoln got jealous that daddy was in his fort.....they both fit....kinda

"ok, I've had enough of this, mom help me!"

He was dead set on getting his truck to fit in through the window and got 
VERY frustrated when it didn't fit.....

I'm not sure how long this fort is going to be staying in our living room, might have to graduate up to the little munchkins bedroom.  I am continually amazed and thankful for the kind of Daddy, Tyler is to Lincoln.  I mean, I knew he would be great but he far exceeds my expectations.  Lincoln sure has a great example of what it looks like to grow up to be a man of character, strength, integrity and one who loves God more than anything else.  Makes me think of the old school Phillips, Craig and Dean song "I want to be Just Like You."  You all remember that song?  Oh man, that was a long time ago!  I remember it being sang in church on Father's Day a lot.

So, it's Friday again, what are you all doing this weekend?  Any crafts you're hoping to start?  Any fun plans with friends?  Tonight we're going to go help with an Elementary Winter Fair, making cotton candy.....mmmmmm.....I know that stuff is so bad for you but it's so good.  Wait, isn't it supposed to be that once you're the mom, you're supposed to think that stuff is SO bad letting the fact that it'll rot your teeth outweigh the fact that it's so delicious?  What's wrong with me?  Cause that stuff is SO good!

I finally tried out my sewing machine last night.  (I was intimidated for a couple days).  Don't worry, I didn't sew my finger or anything.  Tyler let me practice on one of his old grundgy (is that a word?) shirts.  I practiced some pleating and made a grey, jersey flower :)  Smells like roses (hehe, it's a clean shirt, I promise!)

Anyways, I'm just rambling now, hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. love these pics...esp the one where he's frustrated! funny little dude.

  2. I love the pics!!!! I would have to agree with you that Lincoln's dad is a pretty great guy! I think that his mommy is also amazing as well. I believe that little guy has it pretty good!!! I hope you are doing well friend!