Saturday, April 30, 2011

boy how I miss my girls......

.....these two and lots other girls who I don't see often enough and didn't get to see over our trip.  I have been so blessed with so many amazing friendships.  God has placed so many incredible women in my life over the years and I just wish we all lived in the same place!  I had a small window of time to see these two gals and even though it was short, it was so, so sweet. 

Charlie is just glowing with her 21 week baby bump.  She is embracing her pregnancy in a way that is so refreshing to see.  We met for cupcakes at "Cupcakes and more..." and it was delish.  We talked baby while I chased after my "not a baby anymore, little boy."  The shop didn't have a counter or swinging door or anything blocking their work area so he was super curious and took every opportunity to try and sneak back there to scope it out. 
Charlie let me put my hand on her adorable baby bump....boy how it made me realize just how much I miss being pregnant.  This little baby is one lucky little boy/girl.  They are going to have such an amazing mommy (and Jon you are going to be a great daddy too!).  I can't wait to meet you someday little baby F! :)

Lincoln had his own mini cupcake all to himself and he didn't even touch it.
Now that's what I call self control!

Charlie and I shared all these: 
starting at the top left and going clockwise
{red velvet - oh it was my favorite, lemon, chocolate}
{cookies 'n cream, and pineapple}

And I had a 1/2 hour (yes only 1/2 hour!) to spend with this lady.  Shannon and I go WAY back.  And I mean WAY, WAY back.  Like back to 3 years old.  There is a picture of us playing on the merry-go-round together to prove it :)  We've been best friends ever since.  It's so easy to just pick up from where we left off every time we get together.  I stopped by her place and we chatted while trying to keep Lincoln from breaking all of her roommate's pretties. 
(these photos were taken the same day but I'm a blondie up above and a brownie here...hmmm....)
I miss these girls and wish we all lived closer!  Maybe eventually.....

So I have wanted to see "Eat, Pray, Love" for a long time now and finally convinced Tyler to watch it with me.  We got half way through and I got bored, we turned it off and now I'm back to blogging.  Is that bad that I'm admitting that? 

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  1. haha i really wanted to see that movie too and i couldnt get into it!! i hear the movie is good though!