Saturday, April 30, 2011

Then and now {Linc and Adeline edition}

So this past week, Lincoln and I had the chance to stop in and see Anna, Everett and Adeline.  It was fun for Lincoln to get to play with his 2nd cousins (I'm pretty sure they are second cousins.  I'm 1st cousin's with Zach and so our own kids would be 2nd cousins, right?  Or would that be 1st cousins, once removed, I have no idea.....feel free to leave a comment letting me know if you are an expert on that stuff!).  They all had fun and Lincoln got practice at sharing toys :)  It's getting harder and harder to do that, it seems.  We've gotta start now so he'll be practiced, for if/when he gets a new brother in August :)

So we'll start with the very first picture of Lincoln (3 months) and Adeline (2 weeks? Anna correct me if you remember) at a shower that was thrown for Lincoln in Nebraska.  I love it because Lincoln's screaming didn't even phase Adeline, she was as content as can be. 

So after playing for awhile and before we left, we decided to get a picture of the three of them together.  Lincoln was a hot mess and not havin' it.  He wasn't feeling good and was throwing a fit because he had to stop playing with the toys (man I'm not liking these fits, any advice is welcome!)
So we have a picture to match the first one.  My son is screaming and the other two are like, "what's wrong?"

 We did get a couple good ones though, after Zach came home for lunch and tickled Lincoln.....
he was in a better mood for pictures (we've got one tummy showing in this one)

All smiles but no one looking at the camera and now Lincoln is showing his tummy

and now all the tummies came out!

isn't she just adorable...

don't let this picture fool you, it looks like they are playing nicely but right after this picture it became tug-o-war because they both HAD to have that bracelet....since there was a huge lack of toys in this house :) haha

I wish we lived closer so they could grow up knowing each other.....well maybe someday. 

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