Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend recap {the drive}

It all started last Thursday night at 6:15pm.  We all packed up in the trusty Escape and set out on our first ever road overnight road trip.  It was the longest road trip we've ever taken with our little man and I was a little nervous.  It was a 15 hour drive plus stops (so ended up taking us 16 hours).  We weren't off to a very good start as we stopped at the first rest stop to get supper (Burger King....and I'm NEVER eating a whopper again but that's a whole other post in itself) and we didn't realize that they had forgotten Lincoln's milk until we were on the road again so we stopped at the next rest stop (which was exactly the same so they had another Burger King - toll road rest stops are so strange like that) to get his milk....ok add another 10 minutes onto our driving time already.....grrrrreat.  After that we were ok.  

 Tyler drove until 9 and then I gave him a break to try and sleep a little until midnight.  He took over the captains seat then and drive until 4 and I did another hour before he finished us off. 

It actually ended up going pretty well.  Lincoln didn't sleep as well as I had hoped for.  He does really well in the car but would fall asleep and then start crying because he was uncomfortable so we would sing until he fell back asleep and then we would have to stop to fill up with gas (again!) and he would wake right up, be bright eyed and rearin' to go!  And of course the only place to stop in the middle of the night are truck stops so he was in heaven looking at all the cars and trucks!

We made it to Omaha and stopped at McDonald's before making the last 2 hour trek.  Those 2 hours were easy peasy after the past 14!  

And we survived.  It was very tiring and as soon as we walked in the door we gave Lincoln to my mom and Tyler and I crashed for a good 3 hour nap.  That's the way to do it, I don't think we would've been able to function very well if we weren't able to take that nap.  But we were there, we had made it.

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend recaps! :)

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