Friday, April 8, 2011

a little tune up on Mr. L's ears and mouth

Mr. Linc man got tubes this morning!  It was so quick.  He was scheduled for 8:45am.  We got there at 7:15am to check in.  He was done and in post op by 8:45 and we were out of there by 9:15am.  Not bad.  The waiting room had an awesome child's play room, that kept Lincoln occupied until we were called back.  He liked listening to his heart with the play stethoscope (or just putting it up to his ears and swinging the rest of it around).  Hey, whatever works, right? 

These pictures are so blurry....I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone....

Thump, Thump.....thump, thump

{no your eyes are not deceiving you, that IS my Giltner Hornet Volleyball sweatshirt back from 9th Grade, I think? The very first hooded sweatshirt I owned and it's so thin and comfy, I still love it.  especially for early morning hospital visits}
All changed and ready to head back.  Yes I caved and gave him back his binkie just for the morning.  It's already been hidden again and he doesn't even notice.  I just felt so bad that he couldn't eat or drink anything until afterward so, yes, I gave it to him.  I'm a softie.......... there I said it.  But I wanted him to have a "comfort thing" when we're in a scary place like that since he doesn't have a special blankie or anything.  I just felt bad for the little guy.

I was able to be with him until he was completely under the anesthesia which was good and hard at the same time.  
We waited in the waiting room for 10 minutes tops and it was all over.  Along with the tubes he also got his tongue clipped since he was a little tongue tied.  I'm still bitter that this wasn't taken care of when he was having trouble breastfeeding.  Oh well, no use dwelling on that.  It's done now, two stitches under his tongue and two tubes in his ears.  They drained all the fluid in his ears and said it wasn't clear which indicates that it was well on it's way to becoming infected.....again.  We JUST finished the antibiotic on Sunday.  SO glad he got tubes today and that was just a good verification that this was the right thing to do.  Hopefully we'll be all done with ear infections! :)

All done and on our way home to spend the day veggin' out and watching Veggie Tales (ha, no pun intended)


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