Saturday, April 9, 2011

explosion of words

So lots of people have been asking me how many words Lincoln can say now, because he is just talking everyone's ears off when we're out and about.  Lots of jibberish still but he's sure telling you SOMEthing.  So when asked what words he is saying, I would say, "oh he's saying LOTS of words a second.......I'll think of them.............yeah.     
So here I am going to write them down so that I can bring my Alzheimer's brain back here when I forget, to remember which words he was saying at this age (21 months) or just do the cop out thing and direct those who ask me, to this blog post! hehe. 

Here goes:
I love you "I uhvee"
daddy "daddy"
mommy "mommy or sometimes just mom" which makes me sad, I like mommy better :(
truck "chuck"
car "keyaw"
 Derek "dewek"
Hope "ope" and still puts his finger to his ear *see video below :)
Trey - "t-rey" he really can say it, he just didn't in the video
Jarrod "jewod"
Kelsey "tes tee"
Grandma "mama"
Grandpa "papa"
dirt "duh"
banana "nana"
go "go"
outside "aw sie"
brush teeth " buh tee"
bath "bat"
night night "nigh nigh"
buh bye "buh bye"
bye "bye"
hello "ello"
dog "dowg"
see you later alligator "it's still jibberish but I can tell he's doing the same jibberish trying to copy me when I say this"
milk "meh"
ball "baw"
book "buh"
elmo "eh mo"
big bird "bi bir"
bird "bir"
two "two"
dog "dah"
shoe "shoe"
cow "cah"
oh no! "oh no!"
cheese "chee"
yes "shya"
no "no" (he's got this one done great)
phone "foe"
duck "duh"
light "shy"
popcorn "pa co"
hat "hah"
cracker "cra cra"


and he's learning more and more every day!  I remember how I was so worried about his speech back at his 18 month appointment and the Dr. said that in the next 3 months watch for his vocabulary to just explode.  And it did!  It's just crazy.

I noticed it finally starting a couple weeks ago and it was just a fun learning moment for him.  We were walking out of Joann's Fabrics and he saw a dog and actually pointed and said, "dowg" and I about cried.  It was so fun to watch him learn it and get so excited about seeing the dog and being able to call it a dog.  That is why I went into teaching in the first place, I love the look on the child's face when they finally figure something I just get to see that in my child everyday.  Love. it. :)

A little video of Linc man saying his Aunts and Uncle's names......and a couple others.
Notice what he does when he says Aunt Hope's name?  :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Remember to go check out the Giveaway!!

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