Monday, April 11, 2011

monday random......

We had a pretty good weekend with it ending with some fantastic weather on Sunday.  Saturday we (or I should said I) had another foster/adoptive parenting class.  It was only 8:30-12:30 so one of the shorter Saturday classes.  Tyler was planning on going but was on call for something at work and got called in 1/2 hour before we had to leave.  He didn't even have to be there very long but for the class to count, you can't be more than 15 minutes late and he would've been 45 minutes :(  So he will get to make that one up June 25th.  We have one on Wednesday evening and one all day Saturday and then the two to make up in June and we are DONE.  Our home study is starting and we have our first at home April 19th.  The home study is a 90 day process with a couple visits (one surprise visit), paper work, copies of marriage license, auto insurance stuff like that and physicals for all three of us.  So I need to make the guest bedroom/craft room/extra storage into a room that would be welcoming to a child that we would accept.  So we are in the market for a crib (since Linc man isn't going to be leaving him any time soon!) and a convertible carseat.  If any of your know where I could get a good deal, let me know!  I'm on the lookout myself and I think I've found a pretty good deal on a carseat.


We were planning on the rest of the day being nice and sunny and the weather here disappointed us yet again.  So while Lincoln and Daddy took afternoon naps, I ran some errands and we had a fun evening watching the movie "the other guys" and veggin' on the couch.  Oh and I finished another rosette necklace, this time in light pink to go with one of my dresses.  So what do you all think of these necklaces?  Would you wear this?  Would you buy one?  I'm thinking about opening up an Etsy shop.  I have a couple yarn wreaths that I've made as well.  Let me know what you think!

Sunday held up to it's promise of temps in the upper 70s.  Yep that's right we actually saw the sun.  I had forgotten what it looked like.  I had forgotten what warmth on my skin felt like.  It was amazing.  We took a walk and played outside.

I put him in this outfit and then we realized just how much like a "little boy" he looks like now!  
Happy/Sad day.  They grow up too quick!
 Oh and I got that Step 2 car at the Kiddie Kloset Sale last weekend for $12.  They sell new for over $50.  And at that same sale I got Lincoln's new bedding (comforter, 2 fitted sheets and 2 regualar sheets) for $25.  Target is still selling that same set and I saw the comforter is listed at $69 JUST for the comforter.  I got a great deal!  I would go take a picture of it but Lincoln is sleeping so you just get the Target picture.  I'm in the process now of figuring out how to redecorate or actually DECORATE (since it never got decorated after we moved, poor kid) his big boy room for once he moves to a big boy bed, which is still a ways away. 

We had Life Group that evening and stayed afterwards to watch our friends' kiddos while they went to a fundraiser.  We found out what it would be like to have 5 boys.  Oh boy! ha!  Lincoln had his first real wipeout while playing out on their driveway, he tripped over a scooter and really scraped up his face.  Poor guy was crying so Tyler brought him inside to me and he started crying HARDER.  I finally figured out that he was upset to have to come inside and as soon as we went back outside he was back to normal.  Made me laugh, typical boy. 

checkin' out the damage post-neoporin :)

I just had to post this one because it was such a goofy face
His poor face.....

So like I promised, this post is random.......

Here is one of my favorite items that was just introduced to me, from Trader Joe's.  Their pizza dough is amazing. It fits all my criteria for food.  It's super cheap $.99 (that's not a typo, it's really only $.99!).  It freezes well so I can stock up and just pull it out when we're feeling like some homemade pizza.  It's from Trader Joe's so it's gotta be on the healthier side AND they have a new flavor besides just white or wheat.  GARLIC and HERBS.  Oh my, it's delish.  I could just roll it up in strips and make it as bread sticks, it's so good.  So if you have a Trader Joe's nearby, go get some and make a pizza! :)

And last but not least, my little boy is starting to show some independence.  It makes me want to cry and hold him back and keep him from growing up but I can't.  I need to let go and let him discover for himself.

He has started not wanting help with putting his shoes on.  And he's actually pretty good at getting them on by himself!  So far it hasn't happened right when we're trying to leave so it's not driving me too crazy.  This weekend was the first time he actually said "no" when I asked if he wanted some help.  And he was adamant about doing it himself!  It took everything I had to let him walk around with the shoes on the wrong feet after he had gotten them on himself but I let him and he was happy, that's all that matters.

Wrong feet.

And then I decided to try and be sneaky and take a video of him trying and this is what I got......
(try to ignore the huge mess behind him.....I'm more of a let him get all the toys out and play, than a "Neat Nancy" if you haven't guessed already!)

Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your Monday!!!  (Remember, let me know what you think of the necklace!)


  1. Watch CL for cribs & double strollers. Or a wagon with 2 seats & seatbelts!

    As for a carseat, we have the Cosco Sceneras in Jeff's vehicle. They have good safety ratings & are just $40 at Walmart. RF until 35lbs I believe.

    And I think you should open an Etsy shop. Why not?

  2. oooh open an etsy store!!!! i'd buy them!!! have you ever read 'the four loves' by cs lewis? some good thoughts on motherhood and letting you ee ee!

    ps -- i so admire your spending habits.

  3. 1. Don't talk about Trader Joes pizza dough--meanie!!! So jealous. I've heard of it before.

    2. Lincoln's grown-up-sounding uninterpretable phrases crack me up!