Sunday, May 29, 2011

beach bums

What is one of the best things about where we live?  We are less than 15 minutes from a beach!  It's not the ocean but Lake Erie is big enough that it sure looks like it could pass for the ocean (just without waves!)  Today was almost perfect beach weather.  85 and partly sunny.  We all still got burnt though it was cloudy for half the time we were there.  Lincoln just got a tiny bit red on the back of his neck (bad mommy, I know.  I promise I put sunscreen on him though!)  I tore apart his room trying to find his swimshirt from last summer to wear but I can't find any of his clothes from last summer so we had to settle for a t-shirt.  It did the job. 

Lincoln was a little unsure about the water at first.  It was FREEZING.  But after awhile we couldn't keep him out of it!  He got a mouthful of water once when he tripped and fell but that didn't phase him a bit.  I need to find swimming lessons for him, for summer. :)

About 5 feet before you get to the water it's all rocks instead of sand....Tyler and I's feet were hurting but of course Lincoln didn't even seem to notice.

Dipping his toes in the water at first. 

Then back to the blanket to make a sand castle

He was done with the sand castle and just wanted to play in the water!

I don't have any pictures but after awhile our friends Dan, Meg and their boys joined times!

We are definitely going to be taking advantage of being this close to the beach quite often!  I might just have to keep our sand toys, towels and suits in the back of our Escape so we can drop by anytime!  It was so nice to just sit back and relax in the sun (when it was out) today.  AND we get to do it again tomorrow only at a pool with some friends :)  Yay for summer!!!


  1. The colors in your pictures are amazing! I'm especially loving the ones of Lincoln in the foreground with a blurry background. They look so professional!

  2. He is adorable and you are a doll!

  3. Thanks you guys! Courtney, I'm trying out photoshop lightroom so that's how I got the coloring and I've been learning how to get the blurry background and it finally worked! yay! :)