Wednesday, June 1, 2011

more, more!

 That's what Lincoln kept saying each time after Daddy threw him up in the air like this...

He was having a blast and wore Tyler out because he wanted to be thrown up in the air so many times!  He wasn't extremely fond of the big pool except for this part :)

Yep that's me in a swimsuit....yikes!  The things I'll do to {embrace} the camera....haha. 
Lincoln hated his life jacket so he had to hold my hand while we sat next to the pool
Baby J's foster parents invited us to spend memorial day with them and some other friends at their pool.  It was a PERFECT day to be in the pool and we spent a good almost 6 hours loungin' out there.  Needless to say Lincoln (and mommy) were exhausted!  

We got to be there for baby J's first time in the pool and he LOVED it!  I held him for a LONG time and he was just so relaxed and loved splashing around in the pool!  It was so fun!  Wish I could show you all pictures, he is such a cutie in his little swim trunks and hat!

There are still no updates on the situation with him.  We are still waiting on this situation with a relative.  It's a completely ridiculous situation and since everything about it is so wrong, I have hope that it will get overturned by "higher ups."  Keep praying that this "situation" doesn't happen. 

We are finishing up our homestudy this next monday! yay! It'll be SO nice to have that done and over with!


  1. First of all, your swimsuit is adorable. Secondly, that kid got some serious air!! Congrats on finishing up your homestudy!!

  2. praying for your growing family....and yes, the bathing suit is so cute!

  3. That first picture is incredible!

  4. You are totally rockin that swimsuit!! And holy cow that is some crazy air!! Awesome picture!! Still praying for your situation. HUGS to you!

  5. Oh love your suit!! Praying for you and baby J.

  6. ditto everyone're gorgeous in your suit! love that pic of lincoln...holy turbo toss!! that's high!! :-)

  7. Looks like fun! I love the coloring of the photos and especially love your suit, looks very vintage and classy!