Monday, July 18, 2011

2 year pictures of my little man...

I took another shot at taking my little man's pictures and I think I got some good ones!  Finding the place to take them is what took me the longest, I'd say.  I was just going to go to a park but then realized that our little complex had a great spot, in the middle of a round about!  It had trees, rocks, bushes and was the perfect setting.  We got some weird looks from people driving by but oh well.

I've learned that the older he gets, the HARDER it is to get a good picture of him!  Crazy kid just wants to play, I can't imagine why?  But thanks to continuous shooting (which led to over 100 pictures being taken in 10 minutes) I got some that I really like!

So go ahead and take a look...  (random but typing that dot, dot, dot made me think of the bachelorette)

Oh and there are a LOT of pictures!

He had to carry his own props....he's gotta earn his keep somehow! kidding!

This face cracked me up!

Such a somber look

 and off he goes again!

If you can't tell, he was getting pretty tired by this point

AND....he's ready to go back home.


  1. LOVE the Bachelorette reference, haha! You got some great pictures :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. You did get some great pictures of him! You are becoming quite the photographer. And when did that little boy of yours get so grown up?

  3. Not bad for a first attempt. Here's my two cents...

    You may want to adjust levels and saturation to put some color in the photos. Also, be careful not to push the contrast too far on the BW's or they get very two dimensional and you lose depth. Looks like that's what happened here. Post-processing takes a little time to master.

    As for location, I say stay away from that brown mulch and stick to the greens. Always look for light and color over objects. That's a huge rookie mistake. Most professionals care very little about the background because if the photo is done right, the background is just that - background.

  4. I think you did a great job! I should try this sometime. Think of the money you're saving!

  5. Adorable pics and super adorable lil man! Definitely agree that the older they get the harder it is for them to hold still for a picture!

  6. awwww, so good! hugs to the little man, and his mama! :) i especially love the last b&w one!

  7. Awesome photos! You have one adorable little man! :)

  8. the one at the top of the slide is golden! so sweet

  9. You got some great smiling photos!