Sunday, July 17, 2011

14 weeks!

So I am well on my way into the 2nd trimester and am at 14 weeks today. 
 That means I'm only 10 weeks away from my first goal of making it to 24 weeks
20 weeks away from my ultimate goal of 34 weeks!
 Anything past that is a blessing and another day for this little peanut to grow big and strong!

I finally got around to taking a belly picture (although I feel like I have more of a belly than I actually do). 

I took one last week for 13 weeks but didn't like how it turned out so that one got deleted.  I wanted to do something a little more "uniform" this time around so that each picture looked similar so I got a black backdrop (free fabric from a garage sale!) and I'll do them all in black and white just because I think that looks classy.  My goal is to take a picture each Sunday from now on (nice that I change weeks on Sunday so I'm dressed nice for church anyway for a picture!)  We'll see if I keep it up for every week but I'm sure gonna try!

I'm trying to really enjoy this pregnancy and cherish every day.  I'm treating it like it's my last pregnancy (not that, that's what we've decided but depending on the outcome of this one, we'll have to play it by ear) but that does NOT mean we are stopping at 2 kiddos, oh no!  :)

Here are a couple quick 14 week preggo facts:

*I am still awfully sick in the evenings, yuck.....this too shall pass but if I had a choice between evening sickness and morning sickness I would pick evening hands down!

*I'm slowly getting some energy back, I need a nap every couple days rather than every day!

*I've gained 2 lbs....not too bad I'd say.

*I'm already wearing maternity pants.....I can wear my other pants with a bella band but maternity pants are just SO incredibly comfortable I just went straight to them!

*Random fact: I didn't buy any maternity pants when I was preggo with Lincoln because after I went to the hospital at 24 weeks all I wore was sweat pants......but then I had to buy a couple pairs after he was born because of all that stubborn bedrest weight

*I crave salty things just like with Lincoln

*pregnancy pillows are uh-mazing.  It takes up more than my half of the bed so I don't think Tyler likes it too much but it's SO comfortable!!

Well that's all I've got for now!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Check back soon for Lincoln's 2 year pictures :)


  1. Congrats!! You are so beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! :]

  2. Eric, too, complains about my pillow "nest" in our bed. :) I'm happy to see that you're gaining weight despite being sick. That's always a good sign! I was well into my 2nd trimester before I starting not losing weight. Praying for you and your peanut!

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! That's you! :) This photo looks like you went somewhere to have pictures taken. Great job w/ the black fabric. Love the black & white. Congrats on being at week 14!

  4. you look so gorgeous! i love the black and white picture thing--i'd love for you to come link up and enter the camera necklace giveaway if you get a chance!


  5. You look great! Making it to 24 weeks was the hardest goal for me... after that making it to 28 went really quick. Hope it goes quickly and without incident for you.