Thursday, July 14, 2011

embrace the camera: July 14

Before heading out the door to run some errands today we took advantage of the nice weather and played outside for a bit.  Since we don't have extra room in our garage or a backyard, all of Lincoln's big toys (sandbox, wagon, slide, car, bike, mower etc.) get to decorate our front porch.  The decorator part of me wants to badly to get a couple of cute chairs and a fun table to set on the porch but then the mom in me is so happy to see those toys every single day as we leave or pull into the garage.  It means a little boy lives here and I LOVE that I GET to have those toys all over :) 

Apparently I have a little copy cat....Lincoln found one of my headbands and put it on by himself.  Who says I need a little girl to dress up in cute headbands? hehe 
I promise I'm not going to start dressing my son in headbands!

Isn't he pretty?  
The headband is off set by the streak of an attempted swipe of the hand to wipe his nose before I could get back with a kleenex.  THIS is why as soon as we see a runny nose we say, "HANDS UP!"  It's quite the sight to see him like that hands up in the air waiting for us, runny nose and all. :)

"Mom, what do you think you are doing getting in my picture?"

Again with the headband......and this is his face he makes when I ask him if he's scared.  I didn't ask him though, I guess he just wanted to look extra feminine in this picture! ha! 
(Tyler, I promise he rolled around in the dirt, drank his milk from the gallon jug, caught some frogs, burped and switched the headband for his backwards baseball cap)

my sanity amidst the chaos that is our living room at the moment :)

No really, I have never been so excited to see a drive thru Starbucks in my life!  They just put a new one in not 5 minutes from where we live and I had to treat myself today after get 10 viles of blood taken at the hospital.  yuck.  Thankfully I didn't pass out, although I did start feeling a little woozy 20 minutes later but don't worry I stayed conscious.  I deserved a little treat after that.

So this recent addition of a Starbucks SO close by is not good for my wallet or my hips but FABULOUS for my mood somedays.  You wouldn't believe how few and far between a drive thru is at a Starbucks around here.  And with a kiddo to drag in and out of there, I would often drive right by and not give in to my craving (which was REALLY good for my wallet and my hips but not so great for my mood!) hehe.  Coming from Wichita where there is a Starbucks on almost every corner and all of then have a drive thru I was surprised when we moved here.  But worry no more for me friends, I've got easy access to extremely overpriced lattes, frappes and ice coffees :)  I think my blow money budget is going to suffer now.......

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  1. Starbucks drive thru's are few and far between EVERYWHERE! We got one last year. It's worth the mood lifter once in a blue moon!

  2. oh starbucks, how i love thee....

  3. You used the term blow money budget. LOL I'm bursting out laughing right now because I understood that. You must have taken a Dave Ramsey class. Am I right?

  4. You are too funny! I loooove that necklace too! Good work!