Monday, July 11, 2011

a birthday bash


ok first of all let me apologize, yet again, for my lack of blogging.  This whole pregnancy thing is really taking it's toll on me and even though I'm in my 2nd trimester already (yippee!!!) the sickies are not going away.  I'm still very tired and feel like I've gotten hit by a truck most days and I really have no extra brain power to even think of writing a short blog post and so that is why I've been neglecting the blog so much lately.  It also doesn't help that I try to go to bed as early as possible since that is the only way to ward off the sickies.  I've tried everything from crackers to broth to sprite and keeping my tummy full.  Nothing works in the evening except going to sleep.  Then I wake up and feel awesome so it's great!

So please don't give up on me, I promise to start posting more often as soon as I start feeling up to it!  I'm praying that's right around the corner!


So back to the birthday bash post!  My sweet little boy turned the BIG 2 July 6th and so we had a birthday party for him last Friday evening with all our playgroup friends, church friends and even Grandma Hunni, Grandma R. and Papa R. were able to come and help celebrate!  It was SO much fun and we feel so blessed to have so many people who love our little guy.

I was so thankful that my mom was able to fly out here early and help me with all the party prep.  She is just amazing and helped so much.  I don't think I could've done it without her!  Not kidding.  Now we just need to figure out a way to see her more often!  

Since are townhouse isn't that big, the front building of the complex wasn't available to rent, trying to get a pavillion or tables at a park intimidated me, our awesome friends Justin and Kim, offered to let us come take over their back yard for Linc's party.  They have the most amazing backyard and it just goes on and on forever!  They have no idea how much it meant that they offered it up to us to use.  SO AWESOME!  And thankfully the weather was PERFECT!  I woke up to rain that morning and started panicking  but it let up after awhile and dried out for the most part.  

For the party I couldn't find or decide on a theme that I liked so I just went with colors that I'm going to do Lincoln's "big boy" room in and just got decorations in those colors. 

I know this is horrible picture quality.  Mom took it before I reset the setting for her.  But it's a good shot of the full food table and my little baby bump. 

I made this pennant for behind the food table and can reuse it in his room! 

playing with some playgroup friends at the party

some of the kiddos playing on the corn hole board

getting ready to eat

Lincoln and Lucas at the little kid table ( I got it at a garage sale for $5!)

I went the "easy" route with the cake and just made dirt cake....yummy!

singing "Happy Birthday"
he wasn't so sure what to think about everyone looking at him and singing but he DID blow out the candle!

Tyler sneaking some cake :)

the awesome pinata my hubby made/painted!  Didn't he do an amazing job?!

Lincoln taking the first swings (needless to say, he didn't do any damage)

it eventually broke and I'm thankful to say no one was hurt in the process of breaking the pinata....I was so nervous!  

 Lincoln was getting tired and crabby so thankfully, Addie was there to help open the rest of his presents

"a choo choo!"

My mom was kind enough to take my camera and capture the party for me.....but I learned a lot about how awkward I look in candid are some examples.....

{scratching my head? really?}

{again with the head scratching or maybe playing with my hair?} wow.

{hmmmm interesting and not flattering expression}

{stuffing my face full of tootsie rolls before the kids take all of them}

well I don't really know what to say after all those great pictures of myself.  I hope they all provided a nice chuckle for you all :)

Well we had a fantastic time at Lincoln's party and hope everyone else did too!  Thank you so much for everyone who cam and helped us celebrate!  We are so thankful for you and your friendships!


  1. another great one by the pinata-master! :)

    good job on your banner! and you still look great in all those photos! :)

  2. I LOVE the colors! They are almost exactly the colors we are using in our "little boy" room!

    As for the pictures, my husband is the photographer in our family so I often have unflattering pictures like that. Don't worry, it happens to all of us. :)

    Looks like a fun party and a great day of celebration! I'm praying for your sickness. I know it's no fun and am grateful it's just in the evening for you...I was sick all day. :(

  3. Those pictures of you did make me laugh. :) I loved them. I think you just touch your hair a lot because it is so pretty. hehe. Seriously, I have always loved your hair. :) The pennant banner is so cute!!! Love it.

    I, too, am sorry you are still feeling sick. The baby bump is pretty cute, though!

  4. Fun party. Happy Birthday Lincoln!

    Yeah for a baby bump!! CUTE! Sorry you are still sick... but I know you are enjoying every pregnant moment despite it. Hopefully that belly keeps growing & growing & growing for a long time! Are you finding out what you are having this time????

  5. we had a great time celebrating with you guys!

  6. looks like you had a blast at the birthday party!! your little bump is sure darling :) was making a pennant banner hard to make? i want to attempt to make one for mason's party :/ can't wait to see that little baby bump keep growing! :)

  7. Great pictures...natural shots and all!!!