Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lincoln!

Woah, did I really just type that?  2nd Birthday?!  I canNOT believe you are already 2 years old.  Holy moly, where does the time go?  Seriously, everyone tells you the first year goes by fast (which is does!) but to me the second year went by just as fast if not FASTER!  Ahhhhhh......time, you need to slow down!  Before I know it, this little boy will not be so little anymore, graduating from high school and leaving this nest....ok I need to stop thinking about that I'm gonna start getting emotional!

Lincoln you have brought SO much joy to us and are such a huge blessing.  You have come so far in your short life and have overcome so much.  I really can't remember what we did with our time before you came along.

Lately you are:
*picking up more and more words each day! (even saying a couple sentences here and there)
*jumping off of anything that mommy will let you
*loving the warm weather and would live outside all day if I let you (I think the fact that your hair is bleach blonde from the sun, it shows we are outside PLENTY)
*You love exploring
*"choo choo's," "chucks," "keyaw's," "balls," and "chac-ter's" make your world go round.  (trains, trucks, cars, balls and tractors for those of you not familiar with lincoln-ese" :)
* cuddling with your bears at bedtime
*If you had your way, your diet would only include pretzels, goldfish and milk

I took a little trip back to 2 years ago and watched this video that I made after Lincoln came home from the nicu.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the blog and pause the music playing so you can hear the song on the video. 

We love our little 2 year old!


  1. ahhhhhhhh sweet boy! happy day!

  2. Happy birthday, Lincoln! Love that family picture. Hope you are feeling well~

  3. What an awesome video, happy birthday Lincoln!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Lincoln! He is a special boy and I am thankful he is part of your family!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Lincoln!! The experiences you guys have had through the life of that lil guy is such a modern day revelation that MIRACLES STILL OCCUR!!!! P.S. Your fatigue is temporary and I hope you don't feel like your not being a good least your watching the choo-choo's with him!!! Keep bloggin!!