Thursday, June 30, 2011

embrace the camera: June 30th

This past weekend we spent in Chicago with some great friends of ours the Moody's.  I'll post more about our trip soon but here's a couple that we took of just Tyler and I.  Boy do I love this guy.....

He is so perfect for me....

I couldn't ask for anyone better to live this life with.....
So thankful for you, Tyler!

now head over to Emily's blog and embrace the camera too!!


  1. really great pictures of you guys. i really need to try to get more of my husband and myself.

  2. that's so incredibly sweet! God is so good to give us men who compliment us so well. (p.s. love the music on your blog!)

  3. You guys are adorable together!

  4. Cute pictures! Sounds like a great getaway!

  5. You two are such a good looking couple...great shots!!