Thursday, June 23, 2011


pretty creative title huh?  I know, you wish you had my awesome "thinking up fabulous titles" skills :)


So today I had my first doctor's appointment.  10 weeks.  New doctor.  First words he said to me were, "you sure had me worried, didn't think that baby would make it this far."  SO, SO thankful beyond words for that little beating heart. 

I asked lots of questions and he answered them pretty much to my liking :) haha.  We talked about my history, chances of recurrence and the fact that there are no preventative measures that can be taken that have been research based.  Taking a daily aspirin hasn't been shown to help lower blood pressure, just causes more problems so we aren't going that route.  I will follow a normal schedule of doctor visits (every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, then every 2 weeks for a month and then every week after that, if I make it that far), unless things start to look abnormal with my blood pressure or anything else. 

My ultimate goal is to make it to 34 weeks.  A "34 weeker" would be nice a big and healthy :)  Amazing how your perspective changes after having a preemie. 

I did learn something new about hellp syndrome though.  He said that they are now finding out that hellp can be detected as starting out as early as the 1st trimester and then shows itself usually later on (in my case at 31 weeks 5 days)  Just from what I've told him, he believes that my water breaking at 24 weeks is related or was caused by something being wrong with the placenta from the hellp and for some reason the hellp waited another 7 weeks to happen (thankfully!).

He did give me hope by telling me he just had a lady give birth (full term even!) who had a history of hellp and she had a completely normal pregnancy!  Yay, I'm praying for that!

Oh AND he did give me an option to check into a V-Bac if I want to.  We'll see. 

So I was told about these shirts from another preemie momma friend of mine and I should totally get one of 'em!  

....and I promise to NEVER complain! :)
(unfortunately that is one thing that really bothered me after Lincoln was born prematurely, hearing women complain when they were nearing their due date.  Yes I understand it's completely different circumstances but next time know your audience)  Ok rant over :)

And now I'll leave you all with a video of Lincoln's awesome dance moves.  Tyler was singing his "Linc-y doodle" song that he made up after Lincoln was born and Lincoln was dancin' away!  Enjoy!  (Lyrics to the song are below, hehe)

(sang to the tune of yankee doodle, yes my hubby is an amazing song writer, be jealous)
Linc-y doodle when to town
riding in his carseat
stuck the pacifier in his mouth
and then he fell asleep
Linc-y doodle pick him up!
Linc-y doodle, manly
Mind your mommy and your dad
and with Kona be friend-ly!


We are headed to Chicago for the weekend, meeting some friends of ours, the Moody's, from Wichita!  We are SO excited to see them!  And excited for a fun weekend in Chi-town.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'll be back next week with pictures!


  1. I can relate 100% to the complaining when nearing 40 weeks thing... it makes me crazy to hear women say "oh I hope I go early!" I want to scream... "Do you know what that means?" But as we both know they won't get it. We are rooting for you... now I'm 25 weeks 2 days and I am always checking myself for signs of HELLP. Always thinking about it. I try not to but I still do. Make small goals for yourself... not that you have control, but reaching those milestones in weeks has helped me. I met my 24 week milestone last week, and now am 25w2d... can't wait to get to 28 weeks!

  2. Just found your blog and it is so sweet and adorable. I look forward to following you and seeing more posts! God bless you!

  3. yay! 10 wks! every week is a milestone :) i pray for our next babe (some day) my dr. will let me have an option of a VBAC! glad you at least have that option!

  4. yay for a growing baby! I don't know that it would really make a difference, but we did the Bradley Birthing method (natural) and it strongly recommended a high protein diet (like 80+ grams (I think)) of protein per day. I think it helps make the babies stronger and bigger. Keeps you healthier too. Obviously Lincoln was a healthy boy so you did something right the first time!! Thinking of you!

  5. thursday. that means tomorrow is. . . great, now you've got that song stuck in my head. :)

    praying for "normal"!!!

  6. Praises! I've been praying for you and this pregnancy. I'm sooo happy to see God's hand protecting that sweet little bean.

    And love the video! Awesome dad skills right there.

  7. Hi just found your blog via The Wiegands. I totally get what you say about carrying to full term. When I had my 1st baby I was young and a complainer wanting, hoping to go selfish, with maturity and my 2nd baby I got it.New follower of your blog, excited to see more posts!

  8. praying for a healthy LONG pregnancy! ~D.

  9. My sister is the same way she never make to full term she runs out of amniotic fluid. She is currently 30 weeks we are praying for at least 34. Im adding you to my prayer list. xxO

  10. so excited for you, look forward to keeping up! praise God for little life!!