Wednesday, August 10, 2011

17 weeks

So I know it's Wednesday when I'm finally getting this posted but I did TAKE the picture on Sunday. :)  It was a busy weekend and this momma needed a nap Sunday afternoon and to pack for our trip, instead of taking the time to post the picture to the blog.  Sorry for all those who are on the edge of your seats (the whole 2 of you! ha!). 

17 weeks:
* Still having some headaches.....
* Depending on how much I've eaten that day, total weight gain is 2-3 lbs.  It keeps going back and forth.
*Still getting sick at night around 9pm or 10pm.  I've stopped trying to ward it off with eating more and just go to bed when I start to feel it. 
*Feeling more and more kicks :)
*Took a trip to Maryland to see my good friend Allie and her precious little girl Elise (and Craig too!)
*my tankini swimsuit is almost too small!  Good thing summer is almost over!  
*Still waiting for my energy to return
*ONLY 5 more days until our sonogram!  Can't wait to find out what we're having!! Make sure to check back on Monday for the BIG announcement! :)

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  1. the cuteness!!! can't wait for monday!!!!! :-) :-)