Friday, August 26, 2011

another round

A little uneasy today after hearing from my doctor.  Thankful that I have a such a great doctor.  He calls me himself instead of passing it off to his nurses.  It's nice to hear all the info straight from him.  He said they found that I still have too high of levels of strep b.  The problem with that besides what I said it my other post about it causing a preterm baby problems is that it can also cause p.r.o.m. (aka my water breaking too early).  A main reason most women's water breaks too early is because of some sort of infection.  With Lincoln that wasn't the reason but we're staying on top of this so that this isn't the cause of something like that happening this time.  

So another antibiotic, stronger this time.  That'll hopefully do the trick.  I'm kind of shaken by it.  Until now I've been able to pretend like I'm a normal pregnant patient (well kinda).  At least nothing was going wrong yet. Praying that this time it gets taken care of.  Another reason for me to hold this little one (who keeps kicking me as I type this) out in open hands.  He is completely in God's care.  


  1. i'll be praying for the wee one. you look gorgeous in the right margin picture.

  2. yucky. i'm sorry it's so hard not to worry sweet girl...i love you!