Friday, August 26, 2011

my boys

my boys.
they make my world go round.
cars, trucks, trains - running shoes, bikes, extended cab trucks

they make life interesting.
how many of you find "five finger toe shoes" hanging from your shower rod randomly?
I'm thinking to myself, oh he must've washed them and is air drying them.
wait, what is that horrible stench.
oh maybe it's a couple of the damp rags in the laundry room connected to the bathroom
I'll do laundry this afternoon and get rid of the smell
hmmmm smell is still there after all the laundry is clean.
Tyler states later that night that he "rinsed them off" 
but it was stinky sweaty shoes barefoot running five finger shoes that I was breathing in all day.
 oh the things boys do.

 Tyler has a new hobby and I think he brother in law, Derek, will be excited.....golfing.
He's gone once.
Since then he's been on craigslist searching for cheap golf clubs.
He found this "set" of 6 for $ I guess he needs a bag and some putters?
He's so funny with new hobbies and interests.  
It becomes all he can think about or want to do. 
I just smile...

and then I see signs of little boy all over our house.
he is my daily tornado that undoes everything I've done
making sure my work of cleaning up is never finished
but sometimes his messes are just adorable
this one was cute
He loves lining up his cars and yesterday decided they would like to look out the window
he left then like this 
oh how I love my boys
all of them.
I have signs all over my house that scream two boys (one big, one little) live here.
and I love it.
it may make me want to scream some days but most days
I try to soak up all the living that goes on in our house.
last night while praying together before bed, were praying for our boys, all 3 of them.  
and for some reason it struck me different last night and made me all emotional.
there is a whole LOT more living that going to be going on in this house soon.
I love my boys.
can't believe I'm going to be SO incredibly out numbered by them :)
but I already love them more than I can describe.  

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  1. You are so outnumbered mama. It's so fun if you step back and take it all in. So excited for you!

  2. great depth of field on the golf club shot. you should think of picking up golf too, marie. chad and i really enjoy our time together on the course and i'm sure we will for years and years.

  3. I have 3 boys plus a hubs, so I get where you're coming from. : ) It's fun being queen of the house.