Monday, August 22, 2011

Eh, what's up, doc? - Bugs Bunny

I felt like I was quoting bugs bunny all day today at my doctor appt.  I had my long, long list of questions and concerns to get answered (and believe it or not, I walked out of there and still forgot to ask one question! Guess he'll be getting a call tomorrow).

I asked about me seeing "stars" and told him my bp was on the lower side of normal when I would take it right after seeing the stars he said that at this point in my pregnancy my bp is at it's lowest point and so any kind of movement can make me dizzy and see stars.  Right now it's somewhat normal but if I pass out or if my pulse begins to race (my bp cuff takes my pulse too so I'm all set to watch that) then to give him a call because then he might need to send me to a cardiologist to make sure my heart is doing ok.  Have I mentioned yet how grateful I am that my doc with Lincoln made me buy a blood pressure cuff?  It was the only way she would release me from the hospital after his birth so I quickly agreed!  I love having it on a moments notice and just to put my mind at ease.  I think my nurse was really impressed when I said I had my own.  :)

A couple weeks ago they found that I have too high of levels of strep b (which is usually just tested for when a mom reaches full term).  I asked what the problem with higher levels of it is and he told me that it's all about the baby.  If a baby is born when a mom has high levels of strep b, then the baby can have problems after birth.  Most full term babies don't have a problem with it even if the levels are higher but preemies have a really hard time with it.  And since I'm high risk for having a preterm baby they just want to keep my levels down the whole time. 

I told him about my horrible sonogram experience and he was really surprised and very apologetic.  He said Dr. Moodley is usually the "good" perinatologist of the group. Also said I could change to a different one with my next sonogram so that was good.  I asked why everyone was pressuring me to do the downs syndrome testing.  I've never felt so pressured to get a test done.  We decided against it because if we aren't going to do anything about it anyways, why do it?  He said they do it to cover themselves because I guess in the past a mom's have had their baby and the baby had downs syndrome, said they weren't offered the chance to test and then sued the perinatologists.  So if I would've known that, it would've made ALL the difference.  Instead I thought he suspected our baby of having downs and quite frankly it was really annoying me.  A lot of the perinatologists also want you to get the testing done so that if it is positive, they can try and talk you in to terminating the pregnancy.  Their job is to find birth defects and get rid of them.  Well the easiest way to get rid of birth defects in their minds is the terminate the pregnancy.  wow, can't imagine having that mindset.  Each and EVERY baby is precious, perfect and special.  Can't imagine someone trying to tell me to kill my own baby because in the world's eyes they aren't "perfect." 

I've also wondered about traveling.  I would love to take a trip back to see family before this little one comes (and maybe if everything works out and we get baby J, a trip to come introduce him to everyone!)  So I asked if everything goes normally with me and baby, how late in the pregnancy we could travel.  He said as long as you go somewhere that has a tertiary hospital with a level 3 NICU.  So my research begins to make sure there are good hospitals anywhere we are going and to know which ones they are etc. For those who don't know, a level 1 NICU can handle babies born 34 weeks and up, Level 2 NICU can take babies 28 weeks and up and Level 3 NICU can handle all babies 24 weeks (or a little earlier) and up.

Oh and as he was wrapping up and taking one last look over my chart, told me I could stand to gain a little more weight. I've gained 4 lbs according to their scale (5 according to mine) but I told him not to worry I'm saving up in case I go on bedrest!  He laughed and told me to go eat a donut so I obeyed and bought some donut holes at the grocery store afterwards :)  Little does he know, I'm really good at gaining weight while on bedrest.  If I remember correctly after Lincoln was born (granted I had about 10 lbs of fluid pumped in me, no joke) I had gained 45 lbs (keep in mind I only went to 31 weeks, not 40 like most preggo ladies, so that's quite a bit).  Thankfully I lost 35 of those lbs but those last 10 haven't come off (after this baby, we're gonna get to work on that....gym membership with a childcare, here I come!

Anyways it was a good appointment and put all my concerns to rest. 


  1. Just an FYI: In Nebraska: Kearney & Grand Island have level 2 NICUs. Lincoln has level 3 at St. Es & I think Bryan LGH is level 3 too. And Omaha has multiple level 2s & level 3s. So you can travel home & be pretty safe.

  2. I so appreciate where you are coming from with the testing. That has been my stance all along this preganncy. Doctors think I'm strange, but yet at the same time I have been respected by all of them for my decision. Also.. even though we don't know our outcome, we were told that it was very likely at 19 weeks that our daughter had a chromosomal defect, and now they are saying she doesn't. I always think of the what ifs...

    As far as the weight gain... you are lucky! I am up 40 pounds now at 33 1/2 weeks... yikes!

  3. I never do the down syndrome testing either. I'm going to love my baby either way so there isn't a reason to do it. Luckily my doctor has never questioned this decision. It's horrible that some people feel terminating the pregnancy is better than dealing with the social stigma of having a child who is different. Babies, in every form, are a gift from God!

  4. Ugh. I remember wondering what the Down Syndrome testing was for with our first pregnancy and first OB. . . I asked IF we had a DS baby, would we *need* to know in advance, for some kind of medical reason? He said with a heavy heart (he was a Christian, too)--no, it's because most people will choose to terminate. And he really did say "most". No words.