Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what's in my bag?

So I've seen lots of bloggers doing posts on "what's in their bag" and I thought it'd be fun to do with mine.  I was waiting until I got all "cute" things for my bag that all match and for when I don't have any trash or wrappers in my bag and I decided that day will never come.  With a 2 year old, my bag is always a disaster.  So here's a peak into what I have in my bag!  And this isn't going to get to be my bag for long.  With 3 kiddos, I'm gonna need a HUGE bag.  Any suggestions for cute big bags that are practical?

First of all here is my cute bag made by Gussy.  She makes all sorts of fun items but I absolutely have loved my bag!  It's the market bag and right now she doesn't have this print available but there are all sorts of other cute prints that she has listed at her website.

And here is what was in my bag today....
sippy cup
snack cup (these are AMAZING!)
diaper case (I really want a cute one but this one was free so whatever works, right?)
coupon organizer
blue, stinky diaper baggies
2 cars to keep Lincoln entertained while we're out and about
wallet -that Tyler bought for me for my birthday a couple years ago, he picked it out all by himself and everything
keys....LOTS of keys
burts bees chapstick 
lipgloss from old navy
my sunglasses
Lincoln's batman sunglasses

Not bad huh?  Well along with all those things, I ALSO had this junk in there as well.....

It's amazing how much can fit in such a small bag but somehow it works!

So what's in your bag?

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  1. My bag looks a lot like yours minus the dramamine & real estate card. With a few extra cups, & a baby doll thrown in.

    I know its not cutsie... but I usually carry a backpack. Sometimes I feel like I'm in High School, but it serves us well. It evenly supports the weight. Has compartments to (attmept to) organize the bag. Is big. And most importantly gives me 2 free hands-arms-hips to carry a kiddo. I just have a basic Target cheapo, but I suppose they make some cute things out there?

    I've heard lots of twin mommies say they like the Skip Hop Duo, but I've never seen it mylf.