Thursday, August 18, 2011

choo train!

This past week while we were in Maryland visiting friends, Lincoln had one of his dreams come true.  He got to ride on his first train, or "choo train" as he calls them, or used to call them.  Apparently he's "too good" to say something cute like that anymore and just calls them regular, ole, boring, TRAINS.  It's so interesting to see language develop.  It was only 2 weeks ago that he was calling them choo, choos and then choo trains and now to trains.  My little boy is growing up too fast! 

Right as we were getting on, I set him on the seat and stepped back to snap a couple pictures but he wanted to get off for some reason and as he tried to come towards me, tripped on the ledge, fell and hit his head on the cement floor.  Wow, mom of the year award for that one.  He had quite the goose egg on his head for a little while but the tears were gone as soon as the train started moving and he was basically in awe for the whole ride.  Every time the train whistle sounded his face lit up and he had that, "open mouth, I can't believe it!" look.  Of course more tears came as soon we he figured out that this ride wasn't going to last all day and we had to get off.

Allie and Elise enjoying the train ride

Right before he fell, notice he's not looking and mom is taking a picture, hence the reason I was unable to see it happening and catch him.  I feel horrible. 

pretty ladies.

"mom, this is so fun! you totally made up for letting me fall just 5 minutes ago!" 

We had so much fun on our trip.  We will be going back for a really quick trip towards the end of September since Tyler is doing a relay race in DC with some co-workers.  It was kind of weird thinking that it's my last trip just me and Lincoln.  We have such a great time and it's an easy enough trip for him and I to take by ourselves but I think with the addition of 2 more kiddos, it'll be too much for me.  We'll see though, maybe the next two will be just as good in the car as Lincoln's to hoping!


  1. Sweet pictures. Kids loooooove trains! That looks like fun!

  2. hahah! mom this is so fun!! love it!

  3. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun time ~ minus the fall :)

  4. so much fun! and congrats on the new baby to be!

  5. What a fun ride! Makes me want to find a train to ride. Beautiful pics.

  6. awwww this is the cutest you look like such a happy family x