Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 on 10 - September

I finally remembered that today is 10 on 10!!  I always think of it too late or just completely forget altogether.  Lincoln and I had the day by ourselves.  Daddy had to work :(  So we made the best of it.

Practicing our abc's with Lincoln's new train puzzle....he loves to put it together!

baking some yummy banana bread.
(I love, love, love my Bosch)

our newest sensory tub - water beads = hours and hours of fun for Linc man 
not kidding, he played with these off and on all day!
I saw these on my friend Julie's blog, such a great idea!  Oh and they don't make a mess :)

fresh banana bread straight out of the oven....mmmmm.

my newest obsession since being pregnant - caffeine free root beer!

This little guy woke up from his nap super happy!

a quick mid afternoon bath so mommy could give him a haircut.

Lincoln and Mason looking out the window at Avery's house.  
Fun family BBQ for our playgroup

Linc was like a crazy taxi driver, pushing all the other kiddos around in this car.  
Maybe they should consider installing airbags in these cars....

Not bad for 9 kiddos 2 years old and least everyone is sorta looking :)
I don't think this is even half of the kiddos in our playgroup!

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  1. That last picture is adorable! Yummy banana bread :)

  2. What a fun day! And Root Beer was my craving when I was pregnant! So weird! And I hated it before becoming pregnant.

  3. awesome job marie! and i LOVE the group shot!

  4. The playgroup shot is awesome! And, I am laughing about Root Beer. I LOVE Root Beer, but when I was preggo it made me throw up!

  5. Ok I LOVE the waterbead idea - totally going to have to do that... and AMAZING on that last shot - I never would have guessed it was possible to get 9 little ones to all sit mostly that still. hehe.

  6. loads of adorable-ness here!! looks like a great day...the kind where you really earned your pillow that night, but in a good way!