Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a's a plane....

no, it's........
LOTS of planes!
We went to our first air show on Monday and Lincoln loved it!
We got there just in time to cover our ears see the Thunder Birds.  
After Lincoln got some popcorn he was in heaven.  Watching planes and eating paw-con.

Man how did I get so lucky to marry this handsome guy?
I always get this look from Tyler when he realizes I'm taking pictures of him.  
He secretly likes it :)

These pilots amaze me.  Wow.

Grandma Hunni got to come too!
It was surprisingly cold and windy....we weren't completely prepared for that.  Welcome fall!

Just a couple extra pictures from our time with Grandma Hunni

We took Gma Hunni to story time at the library.  

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