Sunday, September 18, 2011

23 weeks

oh 23 weeks.  
i can't believe you are here.  
how is it possible that this pregnancy is going so fast?!
I think about January 15th (due date) and that seems like it's just around the corner.
and then i think about the possibility of having this baby boy early and that just seems like it could come WAY too soon!
But that's not gonna happen right?  
It'll be January 15th and I'll be crying tears of joy that I made it to my due date.
At least that's what I'm praying for. 

so for all who like the it is at 23 weeks!

this week:
pretty uneventful for the most part.
*I haven't heard back from Dr. S's office so I'm taking that as good news as far as the Strep B goes.  I'm not on an antiobiotic yet for it so hopefully it stays at bay.
*bought my Halloween costume - I think it's pretty'll all have to check back closer to Halloween to see pics.
*We are having the hardest time agreeing on a name for this little guy.  Tyler has a top pick and I have my top pick and neither of us are giving in....hmmmm maybe we just need a whole new name to compromise on.
*This crazy boy inside me is kicking like crazy......Lincoln hasn't felt him kick yet but always puts his hand on my tummy when daddy does and thinks he's so cool :)
*I've started making a list of things we'll "need" for this guy.....the list is longer than I thought it would be since we're having another boy.  But I'm realizing we borrowed a lot of things for when Lincoln was born and then I've added lots of things we want need :)

  Like this adorable crocheted fedora!  So who of my friends knows how to crochet? huh? huh? :)

AND this adorable Petunia Picklebottom Bag:
so all these wants needs are making my list long :)  
It's so fun to look at least!


So I've been started to look back at this point in my pregnancy with Lincoln.  This was my last normal week with him.  I had just finished student teaching and was getting ready for my graduation.  Everything was normal.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I'm trying not to let that freak me out but just praying my way through each day.  Next week is my first goal: 24 weeks.  That's when babies reach that magical timing of being "viable."  

Praying my way through each day....that's all I can do.  


  1. And we're praying for you! (stumbled upon your blog before you were pregnant with baby #2 so I'm excitedly watching your baby's growth. P.S. I'm pregnant with baby #2 and am 26 weeks :)

  2. The picture didn't come up, but I do know how to crochet :) Praying you make it to your due date!

  3. you look amazing! sending you loads of good thoughts and vibes :)