Monday, October 3, 2011

25 week-a-roos!

another week in the books.
pretty sure there is a sigh of relief once Sunday rolls around each week
and i'm able to check off another week.
so strange being in unchartered territory.
could I possibly have a somewhat normal pregnancy?
yes I know this is possible but i've yet to believe it.
nothing really new to report this week.
so just including a bump picture
and my new "do" :)
not sure how many inches we cut off but it was a lot of hair!
i think i like it.  it's MUCH, much easier to do in the morning which is key :)
you can't really tell but I got some low-lights with just a couple new high lights on top for a fresh look.

Thank you H&M for an amazingly comfy top to wear with leggings.
Shabby Flower Belt from Made4Adoption

this is sorta, kinda related to my pregnancy so i'll just include it
we are finally able to start looking at houses again because.....
tyler now has a credit score! woo hoo!  :)  
we don't use credit cards and his credit that he did have from buying our old house had expired
so that left him with no score and we can't use mine since i don't have an income 
(notice i didn't say that i didn't have a job, because i payments come in hugs and kisses) 
so we've had to put it off until we could get it all sorted out
our lease in up at the end of this month and then we'll be paying month to month 
which increases our rent by $300.....yeowzers!
AND i'm wanting to move asap so we're not moving right before or right after this baby is born.
we'll see how it all pans out but we're using every spare minute this week to try to find a place.
pray for us.....
tyler and i have much different ideas about what our house should look like/include
which makes this difficult because we're bad at agreeing
but we're working on it 
oh compromise :)

i'm thinking i should just start packing up stuff we don't use while i can now.
i think that's what my afternoon will look like.
see ya'll later!


  1. Ok, ill be stealing that "no income" line:) So glad this baby is staying put!!

  2. you look alot like your mom now with that new do! :) wish we had a H&M store around here because i would be buying that shirt!! :)

  3. Will be praying! And the hair looks FANTASTIC!

  4. you look amazing! i love your hair, friend :)