Saturday, October 1, 2011

crazy race

Last weekend Tyler, Linc and I all drove to Maryland so Tyler could participate in this crazy long relay.  He ran with 11 other of his old classmates for 200 miles between then all.  Tyler ran two 9 mile legs and one 3 mile leg and the race from start to finish took them about 30 hours.  Started Friday morning and finished Saturday afternoon....with one of them running at all times.  They had two vans that followed them along the way.  There were 280 teams that ran in this relay.  Unfortunately it wasn't a race very well suited for spectators so Linc and I spent the time hanging out with my friend Allie, her husband Craig and their adorable daughter Elise :)  We did get to see the last part of Tyler's last leg but I was cheering for him and forgot to take a picture.  Oops!

Here Lincoln is running to see daddy after Tyler was finally finished with all his running - notice his son's amazing running form, Tyler is sure proud! lol!

It was so cute to see Lincoln run to him like he did....can you tell Tyler is a bit winded? :)

At the end they all join the last runner and cross the finish line together.  They finished at National Harbor in D.C.  which was really fun to walk around after the race.  

yay! they did it!!  yes those are vibram five finger shoes that Tyler is wearing and yes he ran in them the whole time.....and yes he is crazy :)

The whole team: "Running From the Law"
You guys way I could ever do this.

Didn't realize that the statue was "grabbing" at Tyler and Lincoln until I uploaded this picture....haha!

Had to include these last two for our friend Rick N. who LOVES peeps....there is a whole store for you at the National Harbor! :)

a shot of the inside of the store.....just for you Rick! :)


  1. thanks for thinking of me. did you get me anything at the peeps store, or did you just want to tease me?;)

    did t get some new vibrams? i thought he had the classics...

  2. five finger shoes??? I always wondered if those existed lol