Monday, October 17, 2011

27 weeks

27 weeks

Only 1 more week until my second goal  of 28 weeks!
28 weeks is a huge milestone when it comes to how well a baby does if born preterm.
I feel like I breathe a little easier each week
(and breathing also gets harder each week, thankyouverymuch baby brother (who still doesn't have a name BTW) for squishing my lungs when I lay down)  I 'preciate really I do, because that means you're getting bigger!

Had my oh-so-fun glucose test this past weekend.....another first for me, of sorts.
Yes I had it with Lincoln but I was already at the hospital and just layed in my bed waiting for that hour
to be over until they drew my blood.
This time was at the hospital too but in the OUTPATIENT lab.
Oh how I love seeing that sign.
It was Saturday morning (so Lincoln was able to stay home with Tyler)
oh man I can't imagine the energy it would've taken to keep him entertained in a tiny waiting room for an hour!
The lab was FULL of prego momma's who were all there getting their glucose tests.
I brought my book so the hour went by fast, I don't remember the last time I read for an hour straight without interruption.
It was heavenly.
Ok not really but it was enjoyable.
Hoping my results come back normal so I don't have to go do the 3 hour test!

Walking into the hospital to get the lab work done was very uncomfortable for me.
The outpatient lab is right by the labor and delivery wing and the smell of the hospital brought back so many terrible memories.
All of a sudden while walking I was overcome with this fear of having another c-section.
I guess until now I've been in denial that this baby has to come out one way or another.
And since a v-bac IS an option I've just let myself think the I could wriggle my way out of another c-section.  Knowing in my head that a c-section is the safest and best option for me but not wanting to do it.
See I'm sure a c-section isn't ALL that horrible for most women (yes the recovery is terrible but I'm not even talking about that) it's the actual surgery that I'm not looking forward to.
Apparently I have this reflex to throw up while they try and stitch me back up and then in the recovery room was when the HELLP syndrome started.
My doctor thinks I'll probably have the same reaction when they go to stitch me back up after baby brother is born.
The reality of it all is I AM a HUGE wimp when it comes to surgery and being awake.
I think the best option (although I would hate to miss the birth) is for them to just knock me out.
Or I could just try and overcome this fear and deal with the barfing (while laying on my back and unable to move the lower half of my body)  I felt like I was going to choke on my puke.  Not a good way to bring down my already high blood pressure!

Anyways, I'm really not a hot mess about all this c-section stuff but it's starting to become a closer and closer reality.

I'm just gonna have to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. :)

Soooooo, oh a happier note, here is the 27 week bump!

Today is devoted to packing and cleaning the house before we leave on a 
jet plane tomorrow morning bright and early!
I have a sweet friend who I owe BIG TIME that is going to take us to the airport at 5am. 
 Bless you girl.
Linc and I are headed to Kansas City to spend the next 11 days with my parents and sister and bro-in-law!  I'm so excited to get to see them all and so thankful this pregnancy is allowing me to 
be able to travel to see them!
I've got the the best hospital with a level 3 NICU picked out in KC and the time it takes to get there from  both my parents house and my sisters house.  
I've got my OB records in an envelope and packed.

I just really wish Tyler was able to come with us.  He gets to spend the next two weeks sitting in training.  Fun stuff right there.
I'm so excited to also get to see Tyler's parents and some dear friends from Wichita who are willing to make the trek up to see us while we're there!!  Some of which I haven't even met their youngest kiddos! 
It'll be a sweet time for sure.

This is the first time I've had to buy a place ticket for Linc-man and I'm hoping that the fact
he'll have his own seat will make the trip much smoother.
I've got Finding Nemo uploaded on my ipod and ready to go, fruit snacks and chocolate milk aka. pedia sure.
(all his faves).

Well that's all for now!  Only 13 more weeks to go until my due date! 


  1. You are doing so great!! Keep it up. And have a fun & relaxing trip!

  2. I know your experience was much different than mine but I wanted to share that although I was scared to death about the idea of a c-section. especially under general anesthesia, it really wasn't as bad as I imagined it could be. Yeah, it was super scary (especially the emergency part of it!) and the pain was not fun at all, but definitely worth a safe and healthy baby. I'm praying that you will be able to stay active (and out of bed rest) until you deliver, which may help with your recovery. I'm also praying that your heart will find peace with the birth of this little boy, no matter how he arrives!
    Also, congrats on making it to 27 weeks! I'm LOVING your bump pictures...they are super cute!

  3. Your belly is adorable! My sister in law just had her baby at 30 weeks and he did amazing! He was out of the NICU in 4.5 weeks.

  4. You look great Marie! Love reading all your updates! Have fun in KC!

  5. praying for a VBAC!! you give so much for your babies marie...i think women are heroic for going thru this whole birthing process not just once, but multiple ain't for sissies!! <3 <3