Thursday, October 13, 2011

pumpkin patches

Ok so get ready for picture overload!  We went to two different pumpkin patches this past week and I've got tons of pictures to share!  I don't think this even puts a dent in the amount of pictures I took! 

This first one was with Lincoln's playgroup.....lots of babies and lots of fun!

All the kiddos in one that was an adventure!  Ages range from 10 month up to 2 years old and now we're going to have a bunch of new babies starting in January with baby brother! :)

Tyler had the day off of work on Monday (thank you Columbus Day!) and Trey was still here so we found another fun pumpkin patch to hit up.  This one was quite the drive but well worth it!  There was so much for Lincoln to do!  We'll have to go back and see everything it has to offer!

Our little family of 3 (and 1/2!) :)

copying daddy

we totally need a corn box in our new backyard!

this pillow jumping pad was awesome!  Lincoln LOVED it!

He found himself a girlfriend, they were so cute copying one another

"batman" got stuck in Spiderman's web! 

he found this free piece of literature about all the playsets that he was playing on and thought it was the coolest book ever!

Beautiful view of the tree changing!  I LOVE fall!!!


  1. GREAT photos!! What a cute family :)

  2. Love that batman shirt! He is such a cutie.

  3. That second pumpkin patch looks just like Vala's in Gretna! Love your haircut by the way!