Monday, October 10, 2011

yummy salad goodness

lately I've had this salad obsession
which is both good and bad
good that it's healthy for me (until I add ranch!)
bad that it doesn't keep preggers here full for very long
'cause I eat like constantly all day 

my current favorite is a spinach salad with lots o' yummy goodness on top.
ingredient list:
organic baby spinach
sharp cheddar cheese (just 1 or 2 slices, diced up)
1 hard boiled egg chopped up - thank you pampered chef for making this easier!
avacodo - I cut a couple slices up and save the rest for more salads
bacon bits

chop, slice, dice and toss everything together and you have this amazing-ness..... 
(pre-ranch dressing so you can see everything before it's coated!)

It's so yummy and besides the dressing and the bacon bits, it's got lots of fantastic things in it for this growing baby and for me! :)

Oh and I found out that once the avacado pieces are covered in ranch, Lincoln thinks they are egg pieces and will eat them up!  Here buddy, eat another egg!  muahahahaha!  I love it when I'm able to get him to eat things without him knowing it!  Especially an avacado with all it's good fat in it!  Yes I'm that mother that will lie about food to get my son to eat.  I'm really praying that this next boy will eat like a horse.  That would be a great problem to have.  

So go make yourself a salad
you'll love it, I promise.
Ok so maybe my sister won't - cause she despises eggs, she's a crazy woman
but everyone else will like it
trust me.  

that's all for now.  have an amazing day!

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  1. yummy!! the only way i will eat a hard boiled egg is on a salad :)