Thursday, November 17, 2011

{31 weeks}

Before I get to my 31 weeks update here are the pictures I wasn't able to post in my 30 week update:

30 weeks

and here is my precious little boy with a squished nose (he was pressed up against my belly and so his nose is smooshed)

 and a profile of our littlest man
I love all the 3D pictures we've been able to get of baby brother!  So fun to imagine what he'll look like!

Well here we are at 31 weeks 5 days.
This seems so surreal.  
I can't believe that this is the day that Lincoln was born.  
My little guy (not sure how old he is in the picture...1 or 2 days, I didn't take the picture I think my sister did.  I was too busy trying to stay alive, myself....I can joke a little about that now but at the time it was serious.) 3lbs 6 oz.  

I'm so thankful that so far this pregnancy is completely different.
No signs of my blood pressure getting high, no problems with my kidneys or my liver.
No bedrest (so far at least), being treated as a normal OB patient, and actually getting to enjoy my pregnancy.  I LOVE it!  Now don't get me wrong, my back aches, my hips and joints are sore and I'm tired BUT none of that makes me wish the rest of this pregnancy will go fast.  I am loving just being normal.  I actually want it to slow down a bit so I can really enjoy the rest of this pregnancy and feeling our little boy kick and punching inside of me.  I love laying on the couch in the evenings and watching my belly bounce as he has a little dance party in there.  

So from here on out, I'm in uncharted territory.  It's all new for me.
I've been doing lots of research on VBAC's and still don't have a firm decision made but am feeling
more comfortable just knowing all the information that's out there.  Lots to think about that's for sure.
Speaking of big decisions, we are about *this* close to nailing down a name for baby brother!  yay!
Sorry but we're not gonna reveal it until we are 100% sure.  :)

Just gonna warn you all, this might be my last post for a little while.  We are moving on Saturday {finally!} and so once things slow down a bit, I'll have more time to get back to blogging.
Hang in there,"I'll be back" (said like Arnold Schwarzenegger) 


  1. Oh, good luck with everything! Glad to hear all is going well and you are so correct to enjoy every minute! I loved being pregnant ~ all the little movements and kicks ~ simply amazing!

  2. I know that feeling. normal is soooo good. good luck with this birth. those 3D photos are pretty cool.

  3. Yay! Continuing to celebrate the milestones with you. Have a great time getting settled into your new house!

  4. You look great! Yay for feeling normal this time aroung! I always say that I would love to get pregnant again....not any time soon....but If I knew things would be a bit "easier" than this first pregnancy! Love those precious ultrasounds!