Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm still here...

Well we survived the move.  The craziest and most drawn out closing I've ever been apart of, ok since it's only the second house we've bought that doesn't mean much but man, I was getting nervous if we were even going to have a place to live if the closing date kept getting pushed farther and farther back.  Thankfully it all worked I knew it would but was getting a little impatient at the time.  We moved almost all our stuff on Saturday and then had to spend the next two nights still at our apartment because it wasn't "legally" ours yet.  We signed all the papers and wrote a huge-o-mun-gous check.  (yes I just made that word up, I know your jealous you didn't think of it first) :)  And then Monday night was our first official night here.  I've had great friends offer and come over to help unpack boxes since they are all stacked up and I can't really lift any of them (or I'm not supposed, trying to follow the rules here, folks!)  Megan, Meredith and Kim were SOOOO helpful....even though they don't think they were, it was a HUGE help to me!

Then today I put my brother to work and him and I spent the day painting the kitchen and actually just finished it up!  I LURVE it! :) Now onto the living and family rooms....good thing my family it getting here in the morning!  Who wants to spend Thanksgiving with a paintbrush in hand?!  Any takers?  That's what I thought....

Well just wanted to let you all know we survived the move and I'll be back to posting soon!

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