Sunday, November 27, 2011

{33 weeks} and the painters, aka my family, come to visit!

Since we weren't able to drive back for Thanksgiving, my family decided to fly/drive out here and spend the weekend with us!  And since we just moved, I have plenty of help getting things organized and painted.  JUST the thing that they all wanted to do on their break :)  My brother flew in a day early just so he could help me paint the kitchen....right, Trey?  Aren't you glad you were able to do that?!

The next morning, bright and early, my parents, my sister and her hubby got here after driving 13 hours through the night.  Bless them, that drive through the night is a tough one.  We've made it a couple times and my poor hubby got the privilege of driving most of it so I feel for them.

I owe them all BIG time, they helped me paint our family room.  Everybody pitched in and we got it done pretty quickly.  I seriously appreciate it so much, it would've taken Tyler and I at least a week to get  it done.  I forgot to take pictures as we were doing it but I'll put up pics as soon as I get settled in.

Mom wanted a family picture for her Christmas card so we got all "matchy-matchy" and took off to look for a spot for the picture.  We have a creek and a bunch of trees behind our new house so we just walked around there until we found this great bridge.

It was perfect for the photo.  We just brought along our ladder and propped up my camera and the timer for the group shot and ended up with this as the best one.  Not too bad if you ask me!  This is the best smile we could get out of Lincoln.  He was confused by the blinking light on the camera.  

My brother took the rest of these and I just edited them in Lightroom.  Love how they turned out!

The creek was so fascinating!

I absolutely love Lincoln's face in this one!  So cute and so happy.

32 weeks 5 days

My parents and my "little" brother

I took about 20 pictures of Hope and Lincoln and ended up with 2 really cute ones!

My beautiful mom and her oldest grandson

Running across the bridge was the highlight of his day.....he probably back and forth 50 times and would stop to "rawr" at us periodically :)

My wonderful sis and I

stairstep sibling picture....we are seriously all on level ground

Siblings with spouses, Lincoln and baby brother (Derek didn't get the memo to look at my camera) :)

We had to reward Lincoln for doing so well and played at the playground behind our house for awhile....Papa Jay got a good workout in

Trey got stuck at the top :)

Daddy can't resist climbing on the playground equipment

Papa Jay - Young at heart
Not sure what my sister is doing in the background're welcome for that one, Hope.

We did a "mini" Christmas while they were hear since I'll be 37 weeks on Christmas day and should probably stay around here :)  Lincoln got spoiled, that's for sure.

33 week update:
I can't believe I just typed, "33" weeks.  That's just crazy!  
I really can't believe I'm this far along and next week will be my last goal week, 34 weeks!  
After that, 39 weeks would be perfect!  
My due date, January 15th still sounds so far away, probably because we have Christmas and New Year's between then and now but really it's just around the corner.  It'll be here before I know it, and I still have SO much to do.  
Painting baby brother's room is next on the list. 
I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Thank you pinterest for all the ideas :)

I've been feeling SO good.  My last appointment was a week ago and Mr. Lincoln got to come with me.  
He usually does pretty good but this time he was just antsy and wanting to get into EVERYTHING. 
My doctor was SO good and patient with him during my appointment.  
He brought a chair up to the side of the table for Lincoln to stand on, let him squirt the blue jelly onto my tummy and then handed Lincoln the doppler to try and find the heartbeat.
And guess what?  Lincoln found it!  His face was so cute, he thought it was fun!  
I talked more with my doc about a VBAC and he told me I would actually be a very good candidate for one and probably have a 70-80% chance of having a successful one because I've never labored before AND because Lincoln was born earlier and my uterus hasn't been stretched to full term yet (kind of the 
opposite of what I was originally thinking).  
Where as other women who have labored and had to have a c-section for reasons like not progressing etc. would have a 50-50% chance at a successful vbac.  
Just more to think about. 

My awesome friend, Meredith, lent me her support band to wear around my hips/back and it has helped alleviate my back pain a lot!  Tyler thinks it looks super hott.  lol.
I'm quite the site before going to bed at night between the support band and my nasal strips that I wear so I can breathe out of my nose.  Incredibly sexy that's for sure!

I love, love, love being pregnant.  
Have I said that yet? 

I've been having a few braxton hicks here and there.
Nothing else to really report.
Just boring, that's the way we like it!  :)

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  1. Great photos! Don't you just love Lightroom?! So easy and fun! Anyways, your pictures look amazing.... as usual. Oh... and one more thing.... you look amazing! Someday I hope to look as beautiful as you with a wonderful 33 year (yay!) belly! Tell Tyler i say hi!