Wednesday, November 30, 2011


RAWR!  is Lincoln's new favorite thing to do and say.  
He'll get in a crouched stance, bent over and "rawr" at anyone or anything.
He learned this from his father of course.
Does that surprise anyone?  Nope? K. 

We are dog sitting for our friends and Lincoln likes to "rawr" at the dog.
It's hilarious because Brady, the dog, gets annoyed with it and gets up and leaves the room 
every time Lincoln does it.  

That's why when I saw this print I knew I had to get it for his new room:

So, so, so stinkin' cute.  I am lovin' figuring out how to put together the boys' new rooms.  
Getting paint and hopefully (fingers crossed) painting baby brother's room this weekend.
It needs to get done asap and I feel like as long as that gets done then he can come anytime and we'll survive.  Everything else will get done as we go but the painting is high priority around here.
I'm going with a grey/orange/navy blue color scheme and am excited to see how it
turns out!

I'm ordering this print in either orange or the navy blue for baby brother's room:

So baby brother officially has a name now :)
Eeek!  I'm so excited to share it with you all because I LOVE it!
But it'll have to wait a little longer, I have a couple picture ideas I want to do in order to 
announce it and those will have to wait until this weekend.  Patience, people.  

Here's a clue to keep you on your toes.....
the meaning of the name is in the last monologue of the movie Braveheart.
You can thank Tyler for that awesome clue (insert sarcastic voice there).
So be sure to check back early next week sometime if you're at all interested to hear the name!

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