Thursday, December 1, 2011


I saw this on my friend, Casey's, blog.  If you haven't checked out her blog you are missing out BIG time. Seriously.  She rocks.

Obsessing over: cinnamon dulce lattes from Starbucks, puppy chow, baby kicks and jabs that make my belly go crazy

Working on: Unpacking all our stuff, keeping baby brother in there for as long as possible, 
Christmas decor, painting baby brother's room

Thinking about:  getting my heart prepared for this Christmas season, our role in caring for orphans/adoption, giving birth to baby brother and what that's gonna be like this time around, new goals for the coming year, parenting Lincoln

Anticipating: meeting baby brother soon, seeing Lincoln as a big brother, hugs, kisses and noggin's (from Finding Nemo) from my favorite 2 year old, our 6 year anniversary coming up, snuggling a newborn baby again, all the Christmas fun coming up 

Listening to: Christmas music on Pandora.....constantly listening to it from now until Christmas

Drinking: my morning cup of coffee with chocolate caramel creamer.....mmmmm

Wishing: for a more organized house, for energy to organized said house, we lived closer to family or they all lived here with us :), I was more bold, 

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