Friday, December 2, 2011

Target Huggies Diaper Deal

Ok this deal was too good not to share with you all!  Usually if I don't have enough swagbucks saved up to get free diapers from Amazon, I just buy the Target Up & Up brand (because for an off brand, they ROCK!) and their super cheapo.  But today and tomorrow if you are close to a Target, have a printer handy and are in need (or just want to stock up on) of diapers, you totally need to check out this deal!

First of all Target has this awesome printable coupon that gives you a $10 giftcard when you spend $50.

Go print it HERE. (It expires tomorrow 12/3/11 so you need to do this deal today or tomorrow!)

Then there are also Huggies diaper coupons on Target's website for $2 off a package of 48 or more.

Go print it HERE.

The Target Huggies coupon can be combined with a coupon from the newspaper (which I also happened to have on hand so you can use both to maximize the savings!)

THEN as if this deal isn't sweet enough, Huggies diaper are on sale for $19.79 per box and they have their own deal that when you buy 3 packages you get a $10 gift card!

YES you read that right, if you combine all these coupons you will get 2 $10 gift cards back after your purchase.  The only bad thing is you can't use them on the purchase itself, you have to wait until your next purchase.  I'm going back tomorrow to do the same deal again and I'll use both of those gift cards.

So here is the breakdown of my trip:
I bought:
1 package of Newborn diapers 76 count - 19.79
1 package of size 2 diapers 100 count - 19.79
1 package of size 2 diapers 92 count - 19.79 (I didn't realize they both weren't 100 count until I got home, this deal could've been even sweeter but when I have a 2 year old trying to climb out of the cart as I'm standing in the aisle trying to figure this all out, mistakes happen)

So before coupons and gift cards my total was $57.37
After all my coupons just for the huggies diapers my total was: $51.87
AND I used my Target Debit card which automatically takes 5% off your entire purchase
which brings my total down to $49.28

And then I got back those 2 $10 gift cards (which if applied to this) brought my total down to $29.28
I bought a total of 268 diapers and so the price per diaper was $.10 a diaper which is an amazing stock up price!

Just for a reference name brand diapers usually run between $0.23-$0.30 per diaper.

So now go print those coupons and stock up on those diapers!


  1. Diapers must be expensive in the States! I'm in Canada and I know that the bigger the diaper gets the more expensive it gets but I don't think I've paid more then $.23/diaper and I'm in size 4s already.

    I must commend you on couponing though! Very nicely done especially when free gift cards are involved!

  2. Shucks! I'm too late! Thanks for sharing, though.