Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Thank you "Finding Nemo" and Tyler for teaching my son that a turtle says, "Dude!"
It's quite cute but I'm foreseeing his first day of Kindergarten and the teacher shows a picture of a turtle,
my son raises his hand and tells the whole class that turtle's say, "dude!"
That teacher is gonna think his parents are nuts.
Oh well....we are kinda nuts.
Oh and if Lincoln ever comes up to you and hits his head against yours, that's him doing "noggin" like
the turtle's do on "finding nemo."
Sorry in advance if it hurts, his father, again, taught him that one and he's only supposed to do that to daddy but I've gotten a couple noggin's along the way.  

So for Halloween this year, Lincoln of course, got to be a turtle.  He wasn't so sure about it at first because the costume I ordered doesn't really look much like a turtle except the shell on the back but since it was green and green is his favorite color, he agreed to wear it!  phew!

We started out our Halloween with a playgroup  party with Lincoln's little friends.
We played with lions, monkeys, giraffes, fairies, pumpkins and even a football player and got our first fill of sugar highs for the day.

Later for trick or treating we went over to our friends house and Lincoln and daddy went with their three boys and Dan trick or treating while Megan, baby brother and I stayed at the house to hand out candy.  

Baby brother even got to come out for the evening and wave to everyone! :)

My little turtle 

And me with my two boys!  

Before trick or treating and my turtle has found a sucker already!

The ninja and the turtle

Clark Kent, a pirate, a ninja and a turtle ready to go get some candy!

Tyler said Lincoln did a pretty good job and even said "trick or treat" and thank you at each house!  
The boys were so excited that they ran to each house and since Lincoln is slow (and so are turtles, how fitting huh?) he went to every other house.  

Here's a little video Tyler took on his phone of my little cutie :)
{remember to scroll to the bottom of my blog and pause the music so you can hear the video!}

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